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June 16, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of Mathieu Stern, shared with authorization

A photographer doubling as an inventor of the bizarre, Mathieu Stern has been building new cameras based mostly on easy strategies: one assortment is developed for pharaohs, another intended by Aztecs, and other folks are inspired by superheroes and pop culture. The products are visually intriguing and wildly numerous, but unfortunately, they’re not actual.

Stern experimented with the new artificial intelligence procedure referred to as DALL-E 2, which accepts shorter natural language text prompts and then generates near photograph-sensible photos, usually with uncanny success. The newest model of the OpenAI software program was introduced previously this yr—there’s a waitlist for accessibility to the existing iteration—and has because created all the things from a 3D raccoon puzzle to the contemporary masterpiece “Otter with a Pearl Earring.” Most of Stern’s descriptions involve “a medium structure digicam that appears to be like like” adopted by R2-D2, Groot, Homer Simpson, or another fictional icon. Some others think about what a Polaroid may possibly search like if it were being manufactured of marble and wooden or blended with Nintendo.

Stern released a online video detailing how he applied the new know-how, and you can uncover far more of his unconventional mashups on Instagram. (via PetaPixel)


A mashup of Nintendo and Polaroid

“Polaroid cameras produced of marble and wood”

“Film cameras made for Pharaohs”

“A medium structure camera that appears to be like Homer Simpson”


#artificial intelligence
#pop tradition


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