All Lightsaber Color Meanings Explained [Full Star Wars Guide]


Do you know that distinctive buzzing seem a lightsaber will make? We’re really positive that most Star Wars admirers have pretended to wave all around a lightsaber even though creating a swooshing and buzzing audio with their lips.

A Lightsaber is an amazing weapon which is equal elements lethal and aesthetically pleasing. In the profound lore of the Star Wars universe, lightsaber shade meanings are pretty important.

Distinctive hues charm to various persons, so we’ve done the deep diving and owing diligence to deliver all these coloration meanings to you in a single place!

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The iconic futuristic sword from the Star Wars stories has been used by the most highly regarded Jedi, which include Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Maul, among other folks, like the Jedi guardians.

Lightsabers are the final sci-fi weapon. They can be applied to deflect blaster photographs, and they are so sharp that they can reduce through metal. And if you are experienced plenty of with a lightsaber, you can even use the force to guideline your blade.

Here’s a breakdown of why lightsabers are neat and why all people needs a person in their life.

Why Lightsabers Are Awesome

  1. They are the best in sci-fi weaponry.
  2. They search seriously amazing and are quite classy.
  3. They can be used for self-defence or as a weapon in fight.
  4. They occur in a range of colours, every with its personal meaning.
  5. They are a symbol of hope and strength, primarily in adversity.

How Are Lightsabers Manufactured?

Lightsabers are not made by simply urgent a button. To generate a lightsaber, a single desires a kyber crystal. Kyber crystals are identified on the planet Ilum, and can only be mined by younglings. After a kyber crystal is attained, a Jedi or Sith ought to use the Drive to join with the crystal and Bendu to shape it into a good lightsaber. The kyber crystal is then positioned within the lightsaber’s hilt, exactly where it serves as the two the weapon’s electricity source and its concentrate.

Lightsaber colors can range relying on numerous things, such as the kind of kyber crystal utilized, the substance of the hilt, and the person who wields it. Usually talking, crimson lightsabers are commonly made use of by Sith or Dim Side buyers, though blue lightsabers are usually wielded by Jedi or Light-weight Side customers. Nonetheless, selected Jedi and Sith have utilised other colours, this kind of as yellow and purple.

While there is no correct or erroneous lightsaber colour, just about every can keep distinctive meanings and symbolism. For illustration, a crimson lightsaber may perhaps symbolize enthusiasm, aggression, and/or toughness, when a blue lightsaber may well depict purity and/or nobility. In the end, the meaning of a lightsaber’s shades lies in the person who wields it.

Checklist Of Each Kyber Crystal Found

  • Adegan crystal
  • Mephite crystal
  • Barab ingot
  • Christophsis crystal
  • Corrupted crystal
  • Cracked Jedha crystal
  • Dantari crystal
  • Dragite gem
  • Ghostfire crystal
  • Ilum crystal
  • Mephite crystal
  • Pontite crystal
  • Kimber stone
  • Krayt dragon pearl
  • Lorrdian gemstone
  • Nishalorite stone
  • Obsidian
  • Seeker crystal
  • Solari crystal
  • Sorian crystal
  • Synthetic kyber crystal
  • Tainted Nightsister Crystal
  • Thontiin crystal
  • Varpeline crystal
  • Zophis crystal

Lightsaber Hues & Their Meanings

The hues of lightsaber crystals or blades have indicating, and each hue corresponds to a unique trait or part of the Drive. Every single lightsaber wielder, from Jedi temple guards to Jedi Knights and Jedi sentinels, has their own lightsaber in a coloration that can at times expose their nature, intention and character.

Here’s a Whole Checklist Of Lightsaber hues and their meanings

Star Wars Lightsaber Poster

Lightsaber Colour Meanings

  • Blue lightsaber Coloration Indicating: signifies justice, truth of the matter, and serenity
  • Green lightsaber Colour Which means: Signifies expansion, harmony, and nature
  • Red lightsaber Shade Which means: Symbolizes anger, toughness, and perseverance
  • Purple lightsaber Coloration Which means: Signifies nobility, royalty, and wisdom
  • Yellow lightsaber Colour Indicating: Signifies the ability of the sunlight, hope, and goodness
  • Orange lightsaber Coloration Which means: Denotes ambition, creativity, and resourcefulness
  • Silver lightsaber Shade Which means: Connotes purity, peace, and serenity

Blue lightsabers & Eco-friendly lightsabers

When it comes to the Jedi Buy and the Sith, blue and environmentally friendly lightsabers are the most popular. Blue has normally been linked with favourable attributes like fact and serenity, though green signifies development and harmony. Having said that, there are other shades of lightsabers that hold sizeable indicating. Luke Skywalker is a noteworthy holder of the inexperienced lightsaber, even though Anakin Skywalker makes use of a blue a person.

Red lightsabers (Darth Vader)

Red lightsabers are normally affiliated with the Sith or Dim Jedi, symbolising anger and resolve. The Sith Code preaches that “anger, hatred, and aggression” are the way to accomplish one’s objectives, which is most likely why purple became the coloration of preference for lots of Sith Lords.

Purple lightsabers (Jedi Master Mace Windu)

Purple lightsabers are fewer common, but they are normally noticed as a indication of nobility and wisdom. In the Star Wars universe, Mace Windu is the only Jedi to at any time wield a purple lightsaber, and he is regarded as a single of the wisest members of the Get.

Yellow lightsabers

Yellow lightsabers are also somewhat uncommon, but they represent the electricity of the sun and hope for the long run. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ahsoka Tano wields a yellow lightsaber to symbolise her new role as a leader and protector.

Orange lightsabers

Orange lightsabers are related with ambition, creativity, and resourcefulness. In the Star Wars universe, Jedi Grasp Luminara Unduli is known for her orange lightsaber, which she makes use of to excellent influence in struggle.

Silver Lightsabers

Eventually, silver lightsabers are observed as a signal of purity and peace. In Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi makes use of a silver lightsaber when he faces off towards his former apprentice, Darth Vader. This signifies the end of Kenobi’s time as a Jedi and the starting of his new purpose as a protector of peace.


Regardless of whether blue, inexperienced, red, purple, yellow, orange, or silver—all lightsabers keep significant which means for people who wield them. Whether utilized for very good or evil, lightsabers have come to be an legendary image of the Star Wars universe and its inhabitants. So the future time you pick up your lightsaber, keep in mind all it signifies!​

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