Two Types of Tarot Readings

When you’re starting out doing tarot readings, it’s important to remember that there are two basic types of readings, and that these readings are very different. The Question Many Tarot readings center around a question that the querent has asked. Your entire reading will focus on this question and how […]

The History of Jazz Piano Music in New Jersey

Due to its proximity to New York City, the world capital of jazz, New Jersey has had an interesting history with the genre. The piano as an instrument is particularly important to New Jersey’s relationship with jazz music history because there have been so many important jazz pianists who came […]

Venezuela Music

The people of Venezuela boast of a history and culture that is rich in folk music. The national musical instrument of Venezuela is the “cuatro.” Ilanero is a typical Venezuelan music. It originated in the plains or ‘ilanos’ of the country and was made popular by many musical artists, including […]

Pablo Picasso – The African Period

Picasso’s Rose Period was followed by an even more radical departure in style. From 1907 to 1909 Picasso’s art was influenced by his interest in so-called “primitive” arts, especially African Masks. This period, consequently, became known as the African Period. His paintings, typified by simplified, angular forms, were rendered in […]

Graffiti Art History

Graffiti’s first roots began to appear in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 60s when a couple of young boys started tagging corn bread and cool earl all over the city until almost every where you looked you would see corn bread and cool earl written in trains walls windows etc. […]

Exploring Musee D’Orsay in France

Paris, the ‘most visited city’ in the world serves home to some famous historical monuments & museums. It is also considered as the hub of many art & cultural renaissances. Many monuments and landmarks that adorn the city are world famous and visited by millions of tourists every year. Musée […]

Koi Sleeve Tattoos – The Real McKoi?

Japanese tattoo art is more correctly known as “irezumi”. The irezumi, or Japanese tattooing, have had mostly spiritual significance in the realm of Japanese art. Hence, common Japanese art include mythic beings like dragons, among other beasts and monsters. Other images includes flower designs, characters from Japanese folklore, samurais and […]