Ozuna x Ovi, “Envidioso” (Aura Audio/Sony New music Latin)

Puerto Rican star Ozuna groups up with up-and-coming Cuban corridos tumbados artist Ovi for a difficult-hitting entice/reggaeton track titled “Envidioso,” which marks their first-at any time collaboration. The music finds the pair singing about doing work hard to get to in which they are now. But climbing the ladder comes with envidiosos, or jealousy. “The jealous a single would like to see me do poor … they’re upset since I was equipped to development,” they rap. About the collab, Ozuna instructed Apple Music, “Ovi is a fantastic person, he’s a humble dude. He instructed me he wished to do a little something with me and I assumed if this can support his occupation go up, why not?” — GRISELDA FLORES