In ‘Colonial Ruptures,’ Artist Sharif Bey Defies the Constraints of Time through Fragmented Figures

[ad_1]  Art #ceramic #nails #sculpture #Sharif Bey August 3, 2022 Grace Ebert “The Oviary I,” earthenware, combined media. All photos © Sharif Bey, shared with permission. Artist Sharif Bey centers his observe all over recontextualizing, a procedure he undertakes by fracturing extensive-held views through fragments. His figurative sculptures unify […]

Get Yer Fresh, Hot Art at the OC Fair

[ad_1] There’s more to the OC Fair than carnival rides, games for stuffed animals, giant barbecue turkey legs, the petting zoo and Chicken Charlies’ Kool-Aid chicken sandwiches. Tucked away in the southeast corner of the Main Mall is the Los Alamitos building, which houses the Visual Arts Gallery, a longstanding […]

The First 4 Steps Toward Selling Your Art

[ad_1] Several artists do not have sideline cheerleaders in the form of mates or relatives. Some people today just don’t get us! If you are in this predicament, you must search for or create your very own cheering squad. [ I invite you to find support, accountability, and business strategies […]

AI Art Is Challenging the Boundaries of Curation

[ad_1] In just a few years, the number of artworks produced by self-described AI artists has dramatically increased. Some of these works have been sold by large auction houses for dizzying prices and have found their way into prestigious curated collections. Initially spearheaded by a few technologically knowledgeable artists who […]