5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy Art

[ad_1] It’s practical facts for visible artists to realize the explanations why men and women don’t acquire art — Unknown Do you know why persons really do not invest in art? As an artist who sells artwork, you achieve fresh insights into the factors people today buy your artwork. This […]

Cara Mia | Communication Arts

[ad_1] Responses by Jaro Quastenburg, digital designer and creative developer. Background: The incredibly talented photographer Cara Mia wanders Earth’s most offbeat locations to capture otherworldly images. Her work speaks its own language of intimacy, warmth and adventure, which truly comes through every photograph. I completed this project in partnership with […]

10 Ways To Make Money As An Artist

[ad_1] There are many approaches to market your artwork. You can market images on the net, do the job as a makeup artist, market 3D printed art, and print-on-demand T-shirts. In addition, many worldwide courses offer grants for artists and other creatives. Community communities also require artwork and decorations. All […]

Evenings for Educators: The Portable Universe

[ad_1] Evenings for Educators: The Portable Universe scemcem Thu, 07/14/2022 – 13:37 Join us for an eye-opening look at The Portable Universe / El Universo en Tus Manos: Thought and Splendor of Indigenous Colombia! Featuring approximately 400 works, this groundbreaking exhibition presents the diversity and materiality of ancient Colombian cultures […]