The Art Biz ep. 122: How Do You Know If a Class or Workshop is Right for You?


Don’t enroll in a method just for the reason that it appears to be excellent and the leader is peddling shortage, as in “Only 24 hours left” or “Just 3 seats stay.” That’s spreading fear. It’s a little something I used to do since which is how I learned to do my promoting. 

No much more. I refuse to take part in concern-centered internet marketing or untrue scarcity. No one should really enroll in my packages for dread of lacking out. I want you to be crystal clear about why you are enrolling and what you hope to get from it. 

Why would you enroll? Do you require this method? 

If it is a program, did you evaluation the lesson strategy and uncover data that may possibly fill some of the gaps in your knowledge?

If it is a mastermind, coaching group or neighborhood, how can it assistance you with your targets? 

Some items are measurable:

  • I want to attract 10% extra subscribers and followers.
  • I want to know how to improve my videos so I can confidently put up a new video clip each 7 days. 
  • I want to get new gallery representation by the finish of the yr.
  • I want to hook up with 9 new artists around the globe.

And other results are squishier.

  • I’d like to establish my assurance. 
  • I want clarity on my course.
  • I want to feel supported. I’m exhausted of accomplishing almost everything on your own.

I lately took aspect in Tom Kuegler’s LinkedIn Sprint, which I remarkably advise for everyone interested in LinkedIn.

Rainy Moments painting green vertical grasses blue sky by Rachel Brask | on Art Biz Success
©Rachel Brask, Wet Times 04 (Summertime Greens). Oil, 40 x 30 inches.

It was during an insanely chaotic time and I experienced no business signing up for a little something that asked for this kind of a big motivation. But there was a rationale to my insanity. 

For a couple many years now I have been contemplating that LinkedIn could be a good chance for artists to link with curators, artwork writers, gallerists, and consultants, so I’ve been encouraging shoppers to glance into it. I thought I’d improved dive in deeper just before I suggest one more artist devote time pursuing the LinkedIn path. 

Also, and this is significant, I experienced pals who experienced enrolled in the application at that time so I realized it would be easier and extra pleasurable to do it with them. 

I kinda got what I needed, which was an solution about whether or not LinkedIn was a very good place for artists to expend time. In short, the answer is not presently.

On the one particular hand, LinkedIn is these types of a great system in contrast to Facebook or Instagram. On the other hand, it favors business enterprise crafting and loves photographs of you, no your artwork. From what I realized, it doesn’t enjoy films. So if you are making an attempt to share your artwork itself, LinkedIn doesn’t feel terribly artist-welcoming. 

Sorry to say it, but photos of your artwork will do a great deal much better on Facebook and Instagram. 

On the other hand, who knows? You might stand out far more on LinkedIn and their algorithm could alter tomorrow.

Bottom line: I knew just why I was investing in that method at the time and that designed it worthwhile for me. I received a little something else—a significant a little something else—from the LinkedIn Dash, which I’ll share in a sec. 


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