Astrology & the Galactic Center

At 26 degrees of Sagittarius, the Galactic Center of the Milky Way is hidden behind a veil of dust and gas. With Pluto, our Solar System’s outermost planet (symbolic of the parts of ourselves we’re least able to access) moving over this same degree, we are experiencing seismic shifts deep […]

Getting Creative With Your Time

Too much spare time can sometimes be a burden, but it should not be the case. The old saying goes ‘the devil makes work for idle thumbs’, suggesting that too much time to sit and think can often guide people down the wrong path. I have to admit that I […]

Pros and Cons of Studying the Arts

Not everyone wants to spend their three or more years at university studying a vocational, scientific or technical subject. Studying the Arts subjects such as art, religion or classics can still open many employment doors. Art is not usually a subject that you will choose to study unless you hold […]

Can Venetian Blinds Fit Into Art Deco Design?

Art Deco and Venetian Blinds Art deco design possesses a certain glamorous allure which leaves no one indifferent. The innovative combination of the traditional and modern and the use of extravagant materials and decorative elements brings memories of the Roaring Twenties, rise of industrialism, social changes, artistic movements in Paris […]