Discovering More Information On Art Classes

Art classes like sketching and painting could improve our lives. Several educational institutions have qualified, professional trainers who educate each student the art’s ABC’s individually. Anybody can develop art skills when taught an easy-to-understand approach. Several basic classes result in immediate and consistent development – even for a kid as […]

Music, Arts, Theatre and More in Kenya

Referring to the unique ways people from various ethnic and social groups in Kenya represent their experiences and act creatively, culture in Kenya is very much alive. Significantly different for people living in rural and urban areas, culture in Kenya is in its infancy and it is only recently that […]

Language Before Music – Music Before Language?

So what if… you saw sound? you could hear thought? you could smell the correct path? What if it were all about spirals… It’s quite likely human predecessors intuitively appreciated that the world formed around spirals and responded to the perception of sound much more holistically with their body~mind connection. […]

Nigerian Youths And the 2019 General Elections

In the next few months, the 2019 general elections could commence at various levels across the states of the federation and Abuja, the federal capital territory. As the elections draw near, eligible voters are expected to have collected their voters’ cards in preparation for the D-days. Though, it was reported […]