Kathak Dancer Rekha Mehra Presents Ecological Ballet on World Environment Day at Triveni Auditorium

New Delhi: Rekha Mehra, renowned Kathak dancer & President of Urvashi Dance Music Arts & Cultural Society organized a dance ballet “DHANI CHUNARIA” on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY at Triveni Auditorium. Her efforts were to create awareness about the looming reality of global warming which is no more a distant reality but a scary truth staring at us in all its bleakness.

Mr.Vijay Goel, General Secretary of Bhartiya Janata Party was the chief guest. The event was graced by presence of Reena Ray, Secretary of Tourism and Culture and Shekhar Vaishnavi from Sahitya Kala Parishad as Guest of Honor. The dance ballet choreographed by Rekha Mehra and Raghuvendra started with Shiv Tandav and celebrated nature in its different form thus giving the message that one should respect nature as its essential to live peacefully.

A rare combination of artistic beauty and creativity, Rekha Mehra combines personal charm and grace with technical brilliance. Her creativity and innovation have inspired her to produce some of the finest ballet and solo performances that have been contemporary in nature. Her performance “Dhani Chunariya” shows her concern on growing pollution. She aims to create awareness among the masses about the immediate need to save Mother Earth from the impending disaster.

The time is clicking away like a bomb and each moment and effort, however, is significant. The Society aims to plant 5 lakh trees in one year to bring much needed greenery to our surrounding’s as planting trees protects the environment and helps to preserve traditional livelihoods and cultures for generations. The Society also plans to set up old age homes throughout the country. We are having very little time to reverse the damage done and need to join hands and cooperate on an international level to tackle this global problem. If we succeed in reversing this trend and slow it down, it would be the most precious gift that we can give to the future generations.

We know that the planet faces a myriad of problems: global warming and climate change, resulting in violent weather changes and rising oceans, the loss of millions of acres of forest every year and the extinction of countless species of plants and animals. We know that rising average global temperatures have already caused destruction. Costly climate disruptions on every continent – heavy precipitation, heat waves and extreme cold – and that more disasters are likely in the future.

Rekha Mehra, President of the Society feels that it is a collective responsibility of people as world citizens to come up and contribute their bit towards the cause. Climate doesn’t respect boundaries and neither does pollution. We only have one world and we all share it. It is not too late yet, we are solution-oriented people. As a human being we have a custodial relationship to Mother Earth testifies how indifferent and careless we have been in fulfilling our responsibilities. Now that we know the seriousness and gravity of the matter, we need to hurry up and take measures to reverse the damage done by us.

We must also recognize the acts of courage and determination of ordinary people who play an extraordinary role in conserving the environment. The ultimate solution to every environmental problem, from deforestation to pollution, lies in each of us taking the responsibility for our own acts and not giving up hope. Each time an individual stands up like Rekha Mehra for the environment or acts to improve it, there is a tiny ripple of hope. The achievement of every single individual is significant when assessed alone, but monumental when the global community acts together. On this World Environment Day, let us rededicate ourselves not only to conserving the environment, but also to spreading the message of global environmental citizenship. The opportunity, indeed the responsibility, of all citizens is to care for those around them and make this world a better place.

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