Recording and Selling Music 101

“Aside from the creative and technical aspects of recording an album, there are legal and contractual issues that must be considered before even entering the studio. The artist or label paying the expenses of recording must be sure that everyone is on the same page regarding whether fees and/or royalties […]

Magic Lines of Uli Art Style

Uli is an expression of the people’s capacity for creative design, which is firmly rooted in their myths and their experience of life in the past, present and future. At its best, it is an expression of their synthetic present, the epic of their search for a new order in […]

The Benefits of Healthy Food


Are you considering a more healthy and nutritional diet? Eating healthy food has many benefits, and can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Some of them are long-term benefits, whereas others, you might be able to notice almost immediately. Are you looking to find out more? Below are a few […]

Rachel Dolezal: My Take!

I woke up yesterday morning and started my usual routine of scanning the iPad for stories to post on the Cactus News Facebook page. A half an hour into it, I came across a story about the president of the NAACP Spokane, Washington chapter was possibly being a white person […]

The Art of Mentalism and Seduction

Some people have considered it strange that non of the so-called seduction gurus or dating coaches out there have never learned how to effectively incorporate the art of mentalism into the methods they use and teach, not even for themselves. Until recently there was no way to bring the full […]

Top 7 tips for amazing product photography


Your product images are the most effective sales tool in your e-commerce toolbox. You must be careful while taking product photography because they can make or break your internet business. Consider this. Your product cannot be handled, felt, smelled, or touched by the online customer. They can get a “feel” for your […]