Shopping Your Music in Today’s Music Industry

For all my fellow Dynamic Producer members & music producers who are shopping tracks their own tracks in general… I’ve spent hundreds of hours screening music for various A&R’s, Artists and Companies. When I pick beats to submit I’m almost always basing the choice off the groove of the track. […]

How To Pick A Wedding Photographer


Getting married is one of your life’s most exciting and best days. It can be stressful getting everything ready and deciding your preferences, but when it’s all done, it all works out perfectly. One of those decisions is picking the right wedding photographer for your big day. The photographs will […]

The 6 Rules Of Commercial Music Success

Over the years I have had many conversations with music artists about commercial music, which usually leads to them disclosing their disdain and hatred of it. Some refer to Pop music (“Pop,” as in what’s popular now) as commercial music. Others think of anything that is receiving heavy rotation on […]