Handling Outrage Fatigue

Does the thought of reading or watching the news make you queasy? Have you begun to curse aloud while reading your social media feeds? Do you find yourself saying, “It can’t possibly get worse,” and then of course it does? Many of us are suffering from outrage fatigue-too many days, […]

Exploring Car Insurance in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Overview

In the bustling Malaysian automotive landscape, car insurance stands as a crucial component for every vehicle owner. With options ranging from traditional providers like Zurich car insurance to Shariah-compliant alternatives such as takaful car insurance, understanding the intricacies of each offering is vital for ensuring comprehensive coverage and financial security […]

Why Are Paintings So Expensive?

When priceless pieces of art get stolen from the big galleries in the major cultural centers of the world, people go crazy, the media has a field day and prophets proclaim the ending of the world, the four horsemen returning and Tom eating Jerry. But when they make the announcement […]

Tell-Tale Signs You Need to File for Divorce

Marriages can be hard. You will certainly want to file for divorce if you feel like things are hard all the time. Of course, every relationship hits a rocky period, as conflicts are unavoidable. However, if it is constantly hard to the point that it is affecting your mental, emotional, […]

Using Podcasts to Promote Your Site, Pt. I

Call it the new underground radio, or perhaps the next step in future media, but “podcasting” has all but conquered the Internet. By offering Web users a new dimension in obtaining news, fringe entertainment, and music from up and coming and/or established artists, the podcast is yet another way the […]

Interview Questions for a Recording Artist

Tips for Interviewing Famous Musicians, Singers and Recording Artists Interviewing famous recording artists, musicians and singers is a task that you can’t take lightly, so if you get the opportunity, you have to know what questions to ask to satisfy your audience. Anyone can interview people, but knowing the right […]