Top 3 Reasons Why Music Producers Should Incorporate Dubstep In Their Music

Dubstep is quickly becoming one of the most sought after music genres. It’s been incorporated into hip hop, pop, and electronic music, just to name a few. Dubstep can be incorporated into almost any kind of music and question is, Why use dubstep in your instrumentals or score for artists, television, and film? The answer is simple money, fame, and popularity.


It is a lot easier to make money off instrumentals that use popular sounds rather than creating a brand new sound that people have to get accustomed to. I know it seems like you’re not being original by using sounds that a lot of other people are already using in the industry but you can still be original while using popular sounds. For example, create your own original track to start and incorporate dubstep in one of the breaks or bridges. A great dubstep bridge could give your instrumental that non monotonous break that it needs to be a great track. Most producers these days don’t even have bridges anymore. The bridge of the song is meant to be a part that gives the listeners ears a break from the same thing they have been hearing for the past couple of minutes. It’s almost needed in some songs and being able to create an original awesome sounding break will give listeners something extra that they weren’t expecting.


Think about Scrillex for example, he became known by mixing songs that are in the industry already and mixing them with dubstep. Not everyone will be able to attain Skillex’s level of dubstep capabilities but learning from someone who has done it and been successful can be one of the best things that you can do. Scrillex has mixed this kind of music with almost every genre on the planet and he got major views for doing it.


Popularity is huge in the music industry. Why do you think they have a genre called “pop”? It’s because it’s popular music. It’s the highest paying genre in the music industry besides country music, which is a whole different topic I will touch on in future articles. Using popular music ensures that people are going to listen to it or possibly like it. Just as I said before, it is possible to incorporate popular music or other sounds that people are using and still maintain your originality. What hasn’t been done? What music could you mix dubstep with to make an original sounding instrumental? Play around with it and see what you come up with, I bet you will surprise yourself.

Exploring new forms of music can help you become a better and more original producer. Be a producer of many traits and always continue to strive to be better and keep innovating.

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