The Largest Tax-Free Storage Area in the World

It’s not just money that Swiss banks have been hemorrhaging clients lately. As Swiss and other private banks are increasingly moving asset protection and wealth management functions to Singapore subsidiaries, another interesting news item recently was the opening of Singapore FreePort. Singapore FreePort is a state-of-the-art secure storage facility that […]

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism

A professional who specializes in autism can suggest different treatment for autistic’s that can have a significant positive effect on their behavior. One such treatment is Music therapy. Music therapy is a controlled music experience that is used to facilitate positive change in human behavior. Each session of music therapy […]

A Brief History of the Catapult

We typically think of a catapult as something that was used in the Middle Ages to destroy the walls of a castle. But catapults have a very long history dating long before the time of castles and they were developed and designed in many different ways by many different cultures […]

How To Find Out-Of-Print Sheet Music

Sheet music and music books are easier to find than ever, thanks to many on-line retailers. For working musicians, big, fat “fake books” containing lead sheets (i.e., simplified sheet music stripped down to bare essentials) are still popular. You might ask, “Paper and ink sheet music? — In this day […]