5 spots offering workshops and art classes in Birmingham now

Dori paints a nature scene
Red Dot says anyone can learn how to make art like this. Photo via Red Dot’s Facebook

Feeling creative 👨‍🎨? Visit one of these five art centers and try one of their upcoming workshops, craft boxes or art classes in Birmingham.

1. Samford Academy of the Arts

Samford Academy of Arts
Imagine what you could create when you learn the art of stained glass. Photo via Samford Academy of Arts

Samford Academy of the Arts offers many art classes for children and adults. They also offer summer camps specifically for children. You can learn or improve language skills, music, writing, photography and calligraphy to name a few. Their registration for summer and fall classes opens Monday March 29, so do not miss out on these art classes in Birmingham.

In the meantime, check out these current classes.

Adobe photoshop basics

This course will break down the dense software and explain all the tools, panels and menus. Learn how to best develop your digital images and setting up your personal workspace. You will also learn how to develop, manipulate and print photos in the digital darkroom.

This class is for ages eighteen and up. Students are required to wear a mask for in-person classes. See the list of required materials here.

They also offer a photography certificate program.

Flash photography

Flash photography class takes pictures of a student against a rainbow wall
Flash photography class hard at work. Photo via Ken Boyd from Samford Academy of Arts’ Facebook

Mastering the basics of flash photography can lead to a whole new world of photographic possibilities. This course will first establish that students understand how to use their electronic flash equipment. Then, classes will explore fill flash, off-camera flash, rear-curtain flash, multiple flash and painting with light. See full requirements here.

This course will primarily meet on location and outdoors. Class meetings will also happen online through WebEx conferencing. Students must wear a mask for in-person classes. This class is for ages eighteen and up.

Essential Color Printing Workshop

Essential Color Printing Workshop will help the photographer and artist create a good print. Students will learn the art of presenting the print, including paper choice, matting and framing. The workshop will focus on “simplifying the interpretation of each device as the original image is processed from the camera to the paper.”

This class is for ages eighteen and up. Participants are required to wear masks for this workshop.

2. Space One Eleven

Birmingham, Space One Eleven, art classes, art
The creation process at Space One Eleven in Birmingham. Photo via Space One Eleven

Space One Eleven has operated in Birmingham since 1986. They believe that art is where you find it—whether that is a renowned artist, someone local you admire or an aspiring young one. Space One Eleven seeks to provide professional opportunities for artists, a space for public understanding of contemporary art and arts classes in Birmingham.

Drawing the Figure with David Baird

Birmingham, Space One Eleven, art, art classes
Self-portrait creations at Space One Eleven. Photo via Space One Eleven

If you ever wanted to attend those live model drawing classes you see in movies, this is the art class for you. Working from a live model, class sessions will have lectures, demonstrations and one-on-one critiques while students work on their own. Classes will discuss gesture, proportion, perspective, light, shadow and form.

  • Location: 2409 Second Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Date: Tuesdays April 6-27
  • Time: 6-8PM
  • Cost: $180 for four sessions | $45 per session
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Call
  • Register

3. Do It Yourself Crafts

Hand painted sushi boat
A sushi boat is a vital centerpiece. Photo via Do It Yourself Crafts’ Facebook

Crafts are a great way to dabble into the arts world. Most of the crafts from Do It Yourself Crafts (or DIY Crafts) can be made in a day instead of carving out time each week, making it a perfect break for busy lives.

Their art classes in Birmingham are about making memories. They offer classes and crafts in painting pottery, clay impressions, glass fusing, canvas painting and wine glass painting. Check out their DIY Club subscription that offers exclusive discounts and benefits.

DIY crafters box

Easter DIY crafters box
An Easter crafters box makes a perfect gift for any child. Photo via Do It Yourself Crafters’ Facebook

You probably have monthly box subscription, but do you have one that supports local businesses? Get the DIY crafters box in three or six month subscriptions.

Boxes can accommodate up to four people, and crafts range from children to teens to adults. You can have a creative project without having to worry about gathering all the materials you need or leaving the comfort of your own home.

Clay impressions

DIY Crafts clay hands bowl art classes in Birmingham
Need a helping hand with that bowl? Photo via Do It Yourself Crafts’ Facebook

Capture a handprint of your child or a loved one. If you want to make a clay impression, you can take the clay to go or reserve a spot in store. DIY Crafts will dry and fire the clay; in two-three weeks, it will be ready for you to paint. If you’re not confident in your painting skills, they can paint it for you, too.

  • Location: 1909 Oxmoor Rd Homewood, AL 35209 | Or take it to go
  • Date and time: Call to reserve a space
  • Cost: small $20 | medium $30 | large $40
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Call

Paint your own pottery

Do It Yourself hand painted platter
This is what the skyline would look like if it was made of skittles. Photo via Do It Yourself Crafts’ Facebook

Choose the pottery you want to display in your home and decorate how you want. They have a wide variety to pick from, like figurines, coffee mugs, bowls and platters to choose from. Pick your piece, paint it, and DIY Crafts will glaze and fire it in the kiln so it is safe for use. Items are ready in a week.

  • Location: 1909 Oxmoor Rd Homewood, AL 35209 | Or take it to go
  • Date and time: Call to reserve a space
  • Cost: $8-$75
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Call
Birmingham, Natalie Smith, oil painting, Red Dot Gallery, artists, painting, artists, art classes
Natalie Smith, oil painting student. Photo via Red Dot Gallery’s website.

Artists Scott Bennett and Dori DeCamillis opened Red Dot Gallery in 2004. They wanted to open a shared studio to public students that is welcoming and a creativity-enhancing, educational environment. Red Dot Gallery exhibits works of the owners, local artist and their annual student show. They offer painting, drawing and pottery art classes in Birmingham for adults and children.

Creative Spirit Workshop

Unleash your springtime energy with instructor Dori DeCamillis in this three hour creativity workshop in partnership with St. Mary’s Sewanee Retreat Center. Exercises will be prompted by Without a Net card deck for creative ideas to break through obstacles and nourish your artistic voice. Art forms include drawing and writing to explore yourself. Only supplies you need are pencil, paper and a creative spirit.

Clay and pottery classes

Red Dot art classes in Birmingham
I can’t believe these flowers are made of clay. Photo via Red Dot’s Facebook

Red Dot’s pottery classes are for all levels. Beginning students will learn techniques for throwing basic forms, like bowls and mugs, on the potter’s wheel as well as hand-building techniques. Intermediate and advanced students can refine their skills and explore new forms.

Students can start at any time as long as a time slot is available. This class is for ages eighteen and up only. Clay, glaze and other materials are not included in the class price; materials will roughly cost an additional $50.

  • Location: 1001 Stuart St, Birmingham, AL 35209
  • Date and time: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-9PM | Wednesdays 1-4PM, 6-9PM | Saturdays open studio 9AM-12PM
  • Cost: $175 per six weeks
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Call
  • Register

In-person painting and drawing classes

Dori leading a painting lecture on Zoom
Dori leads the painting and drawing classes as well as the workshop. Photo via Red Dot’s Facebook

This class is for a person of any skill level who wants to draw or paint more. The first lessons will go over fundamental principles by painting a few different prescribed subjects. After that, you can have as much or as little independence as you want. Students can join the class at any time. Check out this review from a student.

I was a true beginner when I started classes and was at first concerned that I would be surrounded by more experienced artists, whether amateur or not.  But in fact Dori has the great skill of adapting to and encouraging people at every level without making anyone feel self-conscious.

Michael Straus, Chairman of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Class is for ages eighteen and up only. Students must wear a mask, stay six feet apart and follow disinfectant protocols.

  • Location: 1001 Stuart St, Birmingham, AL 35209
  • Date and time: Tuesdays 6-8PM | Wednesdays 10AM-12PM, 12:30-2:30 PM and 6-8PM | Thursdays 9-11AM and 12:30-2:30PM
  • Cost: $155 per six weeks
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Call
  • Register

5. Sips n Strokes

RBG art classes in Birmingham
Photo via Sips n Strokes

If you have not been to a Sips n Strokes class, here is sign to go. They are known for making a casual, fun environment where customers of all ages and experience levels can explore their artistic side. Trained instructors lead the art classes with easily understood, step-by-step guidance. Plan your next friends’ night out at Sips n Strokes.


Various pottery creations from Sips N Strokes
Pouring, painting and pottery—Sips n Strokes does a little of everything. Photo via Sips n Strokes’ Facebook

Sips n Strokes is now offering pottery classes. For their March 25 class, join them to create two Easter serving bowls or large platters. Or join their second class on March 28 to create a large vase or bowl.

All clay classes include clay, glaze and firing. Pottery pieces will take fourteen to sixteen days to dry and fire. After that, pieces can be picked up anytime during studio business hours. Masks are required for the class.

  • Location: 2233 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
  • Date: Thursday March 25 | Sunday March 28
  • Time: 7-8:30PM | 6-7:30PM
  • Cost: $65 | $55
  • Contact: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Call
  • Register


Sips n Stroke student holds up mixed media creation art classes in Birmingham
That is worthy of hanging up in the living room. Photo via Sips n Stroke’s Facebook

Most famously known for their paintings, Sips n Strokes does not disappoint. For the rest of March, they have six different painting classes. Learn how to paint beach scenes, animals, crosses and silhouettes of women.

Choose your colors to personalize the piece in your own reflection. Customers can bring whatever they would like to drink or eat, and Sips n Strokes can provide cups and bottle openers if needed.

Acrylic pouring

Man focuses on his acrylic pouring painting art classes in Birmingham
Acrylic pouring art 🖌. Photo via Sips n Strokes’ Facebook

They also now offer acrylic paint pouring workshops. Sips n Strokes will teach you how to pour with cool and warm colors to make a unique piece of art. Each person will do two paint pours, so that means two new masterpieces for you.

Fee for the class includes two carry-out boxes for your paintings. Paintings will need to be able to lie flat in your vehicle after class. Make sure to have enough room for both 12×12 canvases. Masks are required for the class.

What are you favorite art classes in Birmingham? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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