A single of the more abnormal, up-and-coming practices in glass artwork consists of noble gases which include neon, helium, argon and xenon. And 1 of the young artists fascinated with these gases and how they can interact with and renovate glass is 27-year-aged (28 on July 20) James Akers.

Akers, primarily based in Brooklyn, New York, graduated in 2015 from New York state’s Alfred College with, as he writes in his biography, “an addiction to glass, neon and energy.” All three are in use in his show “Media Comments Loop” at the Glass Axis studio just west of Downtown Columbus.

Akers’ glass sculptures are totally free-standing “tangles” of curving glass tubes filled with gases and fueled by electrical energy. Although “neon” is utilized as an overarching description of this sort of artwork, the gases concerned in Akers’ perform incorporate neon as well as numerous some others.

Two “Rainbow Xenon Tangles” are sculptures designed of primary-coloured Murano glass, offered in shapes that recall drawings of atoms, and crammed with xenon gasoline that operates in frenzied manner through the loops.

"Lightning Tangle" by James Akers

“Next Gen Benders Tangle,” created of American and Murano glass and filed with argon, is a vibrant collaboration of blue and lime environmentally friendly curving tubes.

“Calm ‘N Outrageous Xenon Tangle” is designed in a related shape of crystal clear glass with the gasoline flowing as a result of in skinny blue lines. Website visitors might touch the glass tubes carefully and look at the fuel respond to the factors of their fingers.