UAUPROJECT | 3D Polish Design

[ad_1] About UAU Challenge UAUPROJECT is a Polish design studio founded in 2011 and primarily based in Warsaw. Founders Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski are both equally graduates of the Industrial Structure School at the Warsaw Academy of Wonderful Arts. Both of those born in 1983, Dąbrowski is a graduate […]

On Tacoma Arts and Social Change : Open Space

[ad_1] 5 Stages mural by Saiyare Refaei and Tiffanny Hammonds, 2017. Photo: Crews Creative. The mural was produced through Spaceworks’ Artscapes program. Last October, as part of Tacoma Arts Month, I drove around the city with my sister, artist Teruko Nimura. We delivered handmade mental-health care packages to residential food […]

11 Trendy Minimalist Decor Ideas for A Quick Do Over

[ad_1] What is Minimalist Decor? Minimalist decor can be defined as a style of decoration that focuses on simplicity and functionality. This type of decor often uses clean lines and simple shapes, and it avoids using unnecessary ornaments and decorations. Minimalist decor is about creating a space that is calm […]


[ad_1] About Isabella Conticello Isabella Conticello (b. 1988) is an Italian graphic designer and illustrator. She is identified for her special way of translating colours and designs into a really genuine design. On completion, she supports her layouts with a also meticulous way of combining strains and varieties with an […]

What’s an Amateur, Anyway? : Open Space

[ad_1] Eds note: The prose in this publish was created by Creative Advancement Poet-in-Residence Lorraine Lupo Heather Edgar, Untitled, 18″x24″ acrylic on paper I like to proselytize to any non-poet who will listen. My speeches go something like this: You do not have to comprehend each and every poem that […]

Mendocino Garden | Welcome!

[ad_1] When the again of the property we rented in Mendocino confronted the ocean the front entered by a wood gate and down a winding route loaded with flowers. This English-type backyard was an Art Sort that inspired us all! The placement and scale, warm and neat hues, and textures […]