Language Before Music – Music Before Language?

So what if… you saw sound? you could hear thought? you could smell the correct path? What if it were all about spirals… It’s quite likely human predecessors intuitively appreciated that the world formed around spirals and responded to the perception of sound much more holistically with their body~mind connection. […]

Podcast Safe Music

Podcasting is the new thing in broadcasting nowadays. Practically anyone can create his own podcast and make himself known to the world. Perhaps the best thing about podcasting is that it is meant to be free. In addition to that, podcasts transcend the boundaries of traditional broadcasting. You may be […]

Wind Chimes Fill Your Garden With Music

In the movie Twister, chimes and gongs go wild when a tornado comes, a musical sounding of a frightening event. For most of us, though, garden wind chimes are nowhere near as stressful. They soothe and provide a musical backdrop to your daily life. Available in all sizes from tiny […]

8 Benefits of Listening to Music

According to many recent studies, listening to music can help you improve your mental health. Apart from this, it can also help you improve your physical health. In other words, if you listen to your favorite tracks on a regular basis, it can sharpen your mind as you get older. […]

How Music Can Help You Transition Cultures

When transitioning cultures, music can play an important role. Music tends to either remind us of past experiences, or catapult us into new ones. It may help us cry when we need to, or feel renewed, excited, and like springing into action. Sometimes its great for inner calm. All-in-all, music […]