Download MP3 Music From Legal Sources

You can see that many of the parts of the internet are considered to be dark alleys. Like the towns and countries of the world there is much in the way of bad parts of the internet. You will find that most often these places are where the illegal happens […]

Music Therapist – Heal Thyself

I started running about a year and a half ago and completed my first half marathon last August. When I first started running I used the treadmill in our basement. I decided to watch episodes of television which I don’t usually have time to watch while I would log in […]

The Benefits of Music Therapy for Autism

A professional who specializes in autism can suggest different treatment for autistic’s that can have a significant positive effect on their behavior. One such treatment is Music therapy. Music therapy is a controlled music experience that is used to facilitate positive change in human behavior. Each session of music therapy […]

How To Find Out-Of-Print Sheet Music

Sheet music and music books are easier to find than ever, thanks to many on-line retailers. For working musicians, big, fat “fake books” containing lead sheets (i.e., simplified sheet music stripped down to bare essentials) are still popular. You might ask, “Paper and ink sheet music? — In this day […]

The Purpose of Gospel Music

Music does and always has played an important part in people’s lives. People have always used something to create music, as a means of entertainment. Music is not only an entertainment but also a way for people to relax and motivate and even worship. Some think music and other forms […]

Rhythm in Music

Quarter Note = 1 count A quarter note is all black with a stem on it either going up or down. I call it our “stepping” note because the note just steps and moves along. With 4/4 time, you would have a measure of 4 quarter notes because one quarter […]

Back in The Day – Reggae Music and Skateboarding

Timberland bought Ipath. Pardon the blatant stereotyping and religious insensitivity, but as most of us have become aware, Jah Rastafari skateboarding moves units these days. And reggae music in skate videos is like the new Hieroglyphics. Over the past decade, with the emergence of staple roots radical skaters from Karl […]

Tips to Get the Best Royalty Free Music Online

Have you ever watched a video online or a television commercial and question how and/or where do they get the awesome, high quality music playing in the background? The individuals/companies behind the media had to acquire what is known as royalty free music. What is royalty free music? Audio files […]