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“Men and women are too challenging to have simple labels.”—Philip Pullman

I’m not into labels. I don’t like when people today try to label me or many others primarily based on demographics, geography, and life-style. When labels are applied like that, they pass up the subtleties and depth of the particular person becoming labeled. 

Labels can be applied about and by artists in methods that are furthermore detrimental. It is ironic that artists, who regularly strive to force boundaries in type, sort, and function, so frequently finish up labeled into stylistic categories that mentally restrict them and inhibit their creativeness. Whether it truly is a societal or a self-label, strictly contacting you an “impressionist,” a “realist,” or an “abstract artist” can mentally cut off inspiration and stimulus, as there are truly no restrictions when it comes to a canvas, a paintbrush, and a inventive head! 

Never consider me? If you assume of oneself (and refer to oneself) as an abstract artist who performs in acrylics, you won’t examine other styles of mediums or variations of art. We’re not in college—we really do not will need to decide on a significant and stick with it. We are absolutely free to explore, and envisioned to do so.

Chefs are very similar to artists in numerous ways. And while a chef may be renowned for a single design of cuisine, I’d guess that they experiment with all types of cuisines on a typical basis, allowing for inspiration and cross-fertilization to choose location.

In this similar way, we artists need to frequently be experimenting with new styles of art and new mediums. This type of experimentation is exactly what led me to department out from realistic painting and fall head over heels in love with summary portray decades back. Do I need to have to label myself an abstract painter now? I choose to label myself as an artist who follows her bliss! And I never know exactly where my bliss will take me next—but I know I’ll comply with wherever it potential customers.

Debora Stewart, in her reserve Abstract Artwork Portray: Expressions in Combined Media, aptly states: 

“In abstraction, you must be open to alter and surprise along the way. You should allow go of outcomes. You do want to have a prepare and route for what you hope to accomplish, but you also need to be open up to switching path. I like to consider of it as ‘getting out of my own way.'” 

Experimenting with a new stylistic variety can feel daunting, but it’s more of a mental pressure than an art apply problem. For case in point, the identical primary rules of artwork use: benefit, composition, the rule of thirds, and all other typical fundamentals that are very important to developing a dynamic and attractive perform of artwork still apply. 

The largest problem when seeking a thing new is most likely acquiring to silence the voices that prompt you to adhere with the relaxed medium and strategy that you’re utilised to. You have to welcome uncertainty and reframe it as excitement. 

I challenge you nowadays to disrupt your “position quo” and locate a way to examine an art model or procedure that is new to you. Think of by yourself as an creative adventurer setting off on an experience! No make a difference the consequence, you will improve as an artist.

I’d appreciate to know what inventive labels you’ve been residing below. Permit me know in the feedback so I can cheer you as you break cost-free of them! 


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