Cincinnati musicians left their mark on the history of 20th-century pop, from native son singing cowboy Roy Rogers on through 1950s King Records artists Bonnie Lou and the Charms, up to ‘90s alt-rockers Ass Ponys.

So posits longtime New York folk singer Peter Stampfel in the form of his new ambitious recording project.

“Peter Stampfel’s 20th Century in 100 Songs” is a five-CD collection of Stampfel’s versions of one song from each year of the last century, from familiar ancient titles like “I Love You Truly” and “Charleston” to more recent ones like “Wannabe” and “Tubthumping.”

There’s also plenty of obscurity. “Stumblin’,” according to Stampfel’s voluminous liner notes, was written in 1919 by an Ohio native named Frank Crumit, who studied voice in Cincinnati.