Create Glossy Metal Effects in Watercolour and Gouache with Schmincke Aqua Bronze


Have you observed our new variety of Schmincke Aqua Bronze?  They are ideal for creating glossy metal consequences in watercolour and gouache paintings.  These dry metallic powders arrive in a assortment of five colors Copper, Wealthy Pale Gold, Loaded Gold, Pale Gold and Silver. 

Image of the five different colours of Aqua Bronze in their jars.

What are Aqua Bronze Powders?

Aqua Bronze is formulated on authentic metallic pigments and contain bronze or aluminium pigments. This means that they are pretty lightfast, far more opaque and a lot more amazing than other metallic outcome colors created of pearl lustre pigments. 

Two swatches on Aqua Bronze applied over black fine line pen.  One swatch is the Aqua Bronze on it's own, in the second swatch the Aqua Bronze has been mixed into yellow watercolour paint.
The higher than graphic reveals Aqua Bronze painted about black fineline pen.

How do I use Aqua Bronze Powders?

There are a few key techniques to use these powders. Firstly, you can only blend the essential amount of Aqua Bronze powder with a very little drinking water shortly just before software.  Dilute the blend additional with h2o to attain the wanted regularity.  The sum of additional h2o influences the opacity and gloss of the colour. 

An image of the Aqua Bronze jar, alongside a pile of Aqua Bronze powder and a swatch of the powder mixed with water.

Next, sprinkle Aqua Bronze into wet washes and when dry brush away he remaining stray powder. Aqua Bronze dries to a wipe but not h2o resistant end, so it is re-wettable soon after it has dried. 

Swatch of Aqua Bronze mixed with watercolour and a line shown where it has been rewetted.

Thirdly, as these powders contain a drinking water soluble binder you can mix it into your watercolours and gouache.

Aqua Bronze powder sits on top of a watercolour wash.
You can see from this picture that the metallic pigment sits on major of the watercolour.

What’s more, Aqua Bronze also will make a great ink for brush calligraphy!

How will these powders enrich my watercolour portray?

Paint Aqua Bronze around a dry watercolour clean. Utilized rapidly in a one movement will guarantee it does not disturb the wash underneath also much. Use the powders to emphasize regions of your painting to reflect the influence of light-weight or motion of water.

Aqua Bronze can be painted over a dried watercolour wash.

Aqua Bronze functions like a resist as well. You can merely apply a wash of Aqua Bronze, go away it to dry and then swiftly paint a watercolour wash in excess of the top rated. The watercolour does not adhere exactly where the Aqua Bronze is thicker. This makes it possible for you to decide up the glimmer of the sea by working with silver Aqua Bronze underneath watercolour washes of blues, greens and turquoises. Or generate some superb metallic effects for a piece of summary perform.

Aqua Bronze swatch showing how thicker Aqua Bronze acts as a resist when a watercolour wash is applied over the top.

Use Aqua Bronze in conjunction with other products.

Aqua Bronze is effective genuinely well with the ArtGraf assortment of products and solutions too. This rapid sketch was manufactured using watercolour paint, ArtGraf Tailor Form Drinking water Soluble Block and ArtGraf Graphite Powder.

A quick sketch alongside ArtGraf products.

In summary, these Aqua Bronze powders make a multipurpose addition to a watercolourists’ toolbox. Introducing a contact of glimmer to your do the job has never ever been simpler!


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