David Guadalupe’s pop lifestyle influences

David Guadalupe proudly acknowledges a pantheon of influences from the visual art entire world. Amongst them are familiar names: Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello. 

But the South Coastline painter is not a scholar of the best and most prolific artists of the Renaissance. But the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ended up a remarkable inspiration.

The artist David Guadalupe.

Back again in 1990, curators Kirk Varnedoe and Adam Gopnik mounted “High & Reduced / Contemporary Art and Popular Society,” a traveling exhibition which premiered at the Museum of Modern day Artwork in New York before traveling to Chicago and Los Angeles.

The premise of “High and Low” was a provocative and eye-opening exploration of the intersection amongst what some, with an air of elitism, may possibly refer to as highbrow and lowbrow tradition. 

Informed Angles

Working with cubism as a historic commencing position, the curators delved into the origins of “modern art” as it drew from other visual sources, which include caricature, comics, graffiti, pornography, promotion and signage, and style. The blurring amongst conventional art heritage and educational practice had turn into a postmodernist reimagining of what artwork could be.

Haring III

Guadalupe is of a identical mentality. For him, pop society is the motivating drive driving his art. It was in no way just entertainment to him. Instead it was a automobile for perceiving and contextualizing himself.

Irregularly scheduled program I

He rejects the conditions “highbrow” and “lowbrow” as prejudicial phrases intended to categorize and stratify art and artists. Guadalupe believes that these types of arbitrary terminology serves to perpetuate antiquated stereotypes, bolster egos and justify inflated offering costs. 

As a young artist, Guadalupe was influenced a lot more by the Ninja Turtles than (the Aged Master) Michelangelo, impacted far more by Calvin and Hobbes than Picasso and Braque much more moved by Stan Lee than Claude Monet.

Warhol I

He speaks of the pop surrealist Todd Schorr — normally referred to as “lowbrow” — as an example of how one particular could possibly elevate past the supply substance, even if the origin is kitsch. Guadalupe’s respect for the film poster illustrator Drew Struzan is unwavering when he notes that his professional get the job done is as fascinating as his individual eyesight.

As a boy, Guadalupe gave up on the idea of getting a profitable paleontologist when it turned clear that art was much cooler. In the 3rd quality at New Bedford’s Carney Academy, he started marketing Xerox copies of random comic e book people that he had drawn.

All around that time, another student asked him to paint Spider-Man on a pair of acid washed denims. He used puff paint from Woolworth’s and billed the kid $25.  He remembers that there was no heading back again.

Haring Iii

In superior school, he achieved artwork teacher Michael Azevedo, who took to his operate and certain him (and a unwilling assistance counselor) to take his graphic style and design course. It was a pivotal issue. Azevedo turned a true mentor and a lifelong close friend. 

Guadalupe and his cousin Jeremiah Hernandez opened the U.G.L.Y. Gallery on upper Union Road in 2001. They experienced a mission that transcended art and embraced the group, artists and non-artists alike. 

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