Let us encounter it – when it comes to images we all need to have to get started someplace. Luckily for our new photo cadets, Drill Sergeant Chris Niccolls is here to whip them into a lean, indicate, photo-taking device *cough* very well-rounded photographer. Covering topics these as car ISO, JPEG vs Raw, back again button emphasis, and round polarizers, cadets will be on their way to using superior pics more rapidly than we can discussion no matter if your lens is sharper than a bowling ball created out of butter.

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Automobile ISO

@dpreviewtv Deliver this to a buddy that requires Auto ISO in their life. For every person making use of Automobile ISO what camera are you working with and what is your bare minimum and utmost selection?

JPEG vs Raw

@dpreviewtv Drill Sergeant Chris is again to go over the fundamental principles of capturing JPEG vs Uncooked

Back Button Aim

@dpreviewtv Do you back button concentrate?

Circular Polarizers

@dpreviewtv Cadet say circular polarizers with us. Drill Sergeant Chris Niccolls is back to give us some essential schooling on how to correctly use these filters.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=EiQAiAzVL7Y

Also, by preferred demand (and many thanks to the Panasonic GH6’s 4X3 ‘open gate’ recording) we are now releasing the latest episodes in two element ratios, widescreen on YouTube and vertical on TikTok and Instagram!

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