Glam up your handcrafted jewelry business with QR codes

When people browse for jewelry, they often look for something unique. One they can consider is artisan handcrafted jewelry. They can have customized ones to add to their collection of trinkets.

Using QR codes can give many benefits in selling jewelry. These can provide customers with faster access to information about the product.

They can also help track inventory or sales, promote special offers and discounts, and run other campaigns.

You can tag QR codes on these jewelry pieces to add more attraction. Suppose your buyers are still unsure of what makes artisan jewelry valuable. In that case, they can scan the QR code to view additional information.

Integrating jewelry with QR codes from the best QR code generator online will impress buyers and gain the trust and confidence of your customers.

How to use QR codes for your jewelry business

File QR code to show product detail

For jewelry, displaying product information via QR codes is a valuable and effective option to capture customers’ interest.

You can use the code to share the materials made in crafting the pieces. You can also add the instructions on caring for them properly so they would last longer.

Alternatively, you can create a video QR code that will show the creation process of your jewelry pieces.

Generate QR codes by batch

Keeping track of inventory can be a burden, but now, you can maintain accurate records of the pieces of jewelry you are producing with the aid of the bulk QR code solution.

The bulk QR code generator allows you to generate multiple QR codes simultaneously. You can create a hundred QR codes by batch, and they can either have different or similar links.

To use this digital solution, you will create a CSV file containing the information stored in each QR code.

Easy access to a website with a QR code

You can create a website QR code to instantly redirect people to your online domain. Customers can learn more about your products and related content, such as updates and promos.

In a jewelry store, a website QR code is an excellent method to advertise campaigns such as promo deals, product details, limited edition releases, and others.

Post your items on social media

A perfect strategy to showcase your jewelry’s details is social media promotions. You can create a social media QR code to help you gain more followers.

The social media QR code is a single dynamic QR code containing links to all your social media accounts. All these links will show on one landing page that contains buttons to instantly view and follow your page.

In this method, you can expand the number of people who follow you on social media and and interact with your customers.

Promote your artisan handcrafted jewelry today with a QR code

A QR code for your business would surely help keep and increase customers. This technology offers a wide range of features and functions that can help any industry.

You can add extra allure to your jewelry by creating your QR code with the most advanced QR code generator with logo software.

Generate QR codes for your artisan handcrafted jewelry business today.

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