Hammocks – Centuries of Culture, Comfort, and Memories All Cradled in a Hammock

Hammocks have been traditionally found in South American, Yucatan and Caribbean cultures. The art of creating hammocks has been passed down for centuries and is well known to the areas. Today, the hammock trade is largely supplied by Mayan women from the Yucatan of Mexico.

The women earn an income supplying the hammock trade often through their own co-operatives. In this way, the women can work on making hammocks while taking care of their children. The children also apprentice the craft and the methods are passed on to them. Through co-operatives, funds are often earmarked for community development projects.

Modern hammocks imitate the traditional construction of the tightly wound threads, but have made several changes that make hammocks more comfortable. Hammocks of today are much larger so people can really spread out and get comfortable.

The size of your hammock is going to be the biggest factor in determining your comfort level and enjoyment. You will frequently see Mayan hammocks described by the amount of people they hold. This can be a bit misleading because a small hammock can hold a surprising amount of weight and people, but in order to do that it will be stretched tight and not feel comfortable.

On the other hand, one person can sit in a large hammock in total comfort and not feel like they are being swallowed up by a bunch of extra material! The fabric of the hammock will actually mold around the curves of your body. The molding of the fabric around you like a blanket only enhances the comfort of the hammock. This is why Mayan hammocks are believed to be the most comfortable hammocks. For this reason, they are some of the most sought after hammocks around the world.

A hammock feels so comfortable because of its low center of gravity. This makes for a stable position and is the basis for its comfort. This is what made hammocks a favorite for sailors. Since they rock with the movement of the ship, it made sleeping on a ship much safer than a bed.

A hammock’s aesthetic beauty is also part of its appeal. The best Mayan hammocks are hand woven, 100% cotton making each one a unique work of art. The colors are vibrant and warm which adds to their seductive charm.

Decorative fabrics and pillows can make a hammock an elegant addition to any deck or veranda. A big hit with B & B owners, private villas and inns, they offer a wonderful place to sit outside, to let guests relax and rejuvenate. They bring joy and memories to a guest house visit or a weekend stay at a cabin or resort.

An attractive outdoor and garden accessory, a hammock is the perfect backyard or travel compliment that provides unparalleled comfort, sets the mood and holds the most memories. If you want to create signature moments for your friends, family or guests, a hammock while be the one thing that everyone will remember and look forward to on their next visit.

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