How to prolong the life of your BBQ cover

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It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the BBQ and get cooking. But before you fire up the grill, you need to make sure your BBQ cover is in good shape. A well-maintained cover can prolong the life of your grill and keep it looking new for years to come. 

Here are 15 tips on how to care for your BBQ cover:

1. Clean it regularly – 

A clean cover will last longer than a dirty one. Be sure to remove any dirt, dust or debris from your cover after each use. You can use a soft cloth or brush to gently scrub away any build-up.

2. Don’t neglect the seams – 

The seams of your cover are susceptible to wear and tear. Inspect them regularly for any signs of damage. If you notice any fraying or weak spots, be sure to reinforce them with a sewing kit or adhesive tape.

3. Store it properly – 

When you’re not using your cover, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving it out in the sun or in direct sunlight, as this can cause the material to fade or crack over time.

4. Be careful when putting it on – 

Putting on your cover too roughly can cause damage. Be sure to take your time and gently drape it over the grill. Try to avoid pulling or stretching the material, as this can weaken the seams.

5. Don’t forget about the straps – 

Most covers come with straps or ties that help to keep it in place. These should be checked regularly for any signs of wear or tear. Replacing them when necessary will help to keep your cover securely in place.

6. Take it off in bad weather – 

If you know a storm is coming, be sure to remove your cover and store it indoors. High winds can cause damage to the cover, so it’s best to take it off and avoid any potential problems.

7. Don’t use it as a tablecloth – 

Your BBQ cover is not a tablecloth. Avoid using it as such, as this can cause grease or food stains that are difficult to remove. If you want to use your cover for entertaining, be sure to put a tablecloth over it first.

8. Keep an eye on the fabric – 

Inspect the fabric of your cover regularly for any signs of wear or tear. If you notice any holes, tears or rips, be sure to repair them as soon as possible. 

9. Be careful with sharp objects – 

Avoid placing sharp objects on or near your cover. This can cause punctures or tears in the fabric. If you need to place something on top of the cover, be sure to use a soft cloth or pad to avoid any damage.

10. Don’t use it as a tarp – 

Your BBQ cover is not a tarp. Avoid using it to cover up holes in your roof or walls, as this can put undue stress on the material and cause it to tear.

11. Don’t let children play on it – 

Your BBQ cover is not a toy. Avoid letting children play on it, as this can cause dirt, grease or food stains that are difficult to remove. In addition, rough housing can damage the cover and cause it to tear.

12. Keep pets off of it – 

Pets can also cause dirt, grease or food stains. In addition, their claws can puncture or tear the fabric. Keep them off of the cover to avoid any potential problems.

13. Don’t stand on it – 

Your BBQ cover is not a stool or chair. Avoid standing on it, as this can cause it to rip or tear. If you need to reach something that’s high up, be sure to use a ladder or step stool instead.

14. Don’t use it as a drop cloth – 

Avoid using your BBQ cover as a drop cloth when painting or doing other home improvement projects. The chemicals in paint and other materials can damage the fabric and shorten its lifespan.

15. Have it professionally cleaned – 

If your cover starts to look dingy or stained, you may want to have it professionally cleaned. This will help to restore its original appearance and prolong its lifespan.


By following these simple tips, you can help prolong the life of your BBQ cover and keep it looking like new for years to come!


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