I’ll be back to fix it

Chris Devins spent his Saturday painting a mural of Eminem in the Cass Corridor.

As he worked, the live reviews were glowing: passersby took photos and honked their horns, and folks cruising by Devins’ worksite on pedal pubs hooted and hollered and paid their respects. By the time he finished up at around 7 p.m., roughly six hours after he started, he figured he’d done a good job.

A mural of Eminem in Detroit's Cass Corridor was defaced less than 24 hours after it went up.

Within a day of completion, however, the mural had been defaced, tagged with 18 small bird head sketches, drawn over the six-foot-tall mug of Eminem with a Sharpie. 

“I felt terrible,” Devins said Monday, calling the graffiti “disrespectful.” “I was devastated. Who would do that? That’s against the rules of street art.” 

The Chicago artist was already back home when he learned of the tagging, alerted by someone who had posted the vandalized work on Instagram. But he plans to return to Detroit to fix the work at some point in the next week and a half. 

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