Juxtapoz Magazine – Hashimoto Contemporary in LA Explores Art as a “Vessel”


Hashimoto Modern is happy to existing Vessel—a group exhibition motivated by the classical type and motif located throughout artwork heritage and up to date art procedures alike. Laden with symbolic indicating and layered with historic references, every single of the artists’ will work featured brings a new perspective to the archetypical sort.

Utilizing a variety of mediums, from ceramics to oil portray to textile and wood operates, each artist contemporizes the representation of the vessel. Sabrina Bockler’s decadent desk-scapes are surreal reinterpretations of Dutch Golden Period even now lifestyle painting, filled with intricately rendered depth. The closely textured mixed media paintings by Julien Jaca (pictured previously mentioned) are reminiscent of archeological pottery but are festooned with tattoo and pop culture iconography.

From Paa Joe’s fantastical coffins to Catalina Cheng’s queer coded porcelain pots, just about every depiction is exclusive. Each individual vessel will take a new form, adding to the eternal legacy whilst that contains the history that came right before.

Collaborating artists include: Jess Ackerman | Sarah Allwine | Allison Baker | Laura Berger | Sabrina Bockler | H. Bradley | Jackie Brown | Angela Burson | Rebecca Chaperon | Catalina Cheng | Benjamin Cook | Matthew Craven | Mica Demarquez | Francisco Diaz Scotto | Nic Dyer | Luke Forsyth | Christopher Gale | Casey Grey | Rachel Hayden | David Her | Lindsey Lou Howard | Julien Jaca (pictured above) | Saskia Janssen | Paa Joe | Katherine Kesey | Adrian Kay Wong | Danym Kwon | Raina Lee | Lincoln Mayne | Michael McGregor | Carmen McNall | Alison Owen | Miles Robinson | Carlos Rodriguez | Aliyah Salmon | Lucien Shapiro | Stephanie S. Shih | AP Shrewsbury | Jocelyn Tsaih | We Are Out Of Office | Crys Yin | Dave Zackin | curated by Dasha Matsuura


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