It has been reported ahead of and it will be said once again, but Philip Akkerman is an artist of, virtually, quite a few faces. His many years lengthy series of self-portraits increase and contract, navigate via myriads of kinds and often experience like a journey by way of art historical past. That the artist has been painting self-portraits solely considering the fact that 1981, it also presents a handbook for his artistic evolution as a painter, where by the matter stays the same but the ability and procedure evolves as a result of time. And they deliver a essential insight into his very own look at of himself. 

Now on look at at Derek Eller in NYC is a variety of the Dutch aritst’s self-portrraits, showcasing the different designs and strategies he has mastered in excess of the a long time. As the gallery notes, ” Confounded by the enigma of existence, he turned to self-portraiture as a usually means of comprehending. His inclination was validated by German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, who professed that existence requires assessment, and that ‘the a lot more unintelligent a person is, the less mysterious existence appears to be to him’.” It really is also a likelihood to see the distinctive high-quality of an artist’s lifestyle function, how a person particular subject matter can keep one compelled on how the self continues to be the most intriguing of topics in art. —Evan Pricco


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