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KAFT is a Story in a Wearable Type

KAFT is a style and design manufacturer that tells stories in wearable forms. It is now launching the next version of the Hybrid Minds project, crafted on the representations of artwork in both of those physical and electronic universes. 

The minimal-edition t-shirt style signifies the bodily universe of the undertaking, and the solitary-edition NFT variety of the artwork represents the digital ecosystem.

You can look at out the one particular-version NFT and 100 limited version t-shirt patterns of Crimson Fumes listed here.



KAFT and The Hybrid Minds task

The Hybrid Minds challenge proceeds to mature and evolve as a new artist participates each month. 

KAFT’s trademark is about models with tales guiding and collaboration with many terrific artists globally, these types of as Cinta Vidal, Monassi, and Seungyea Park. KAFT has reached 85 diverse international locations so considerably.

The Hybrid Minds challenge quickly discovered its collector in the NFT ecosystem with its to start with version and keeps on evolving with the participation of artists all around the globe. The project’s new collaboration, “Crimson Fumes,” is about the story of a character coming from the fantasy worlds produced by Reza Afshar.

For its very first collaboration in the NFT universe, KAFT brings together the representations of manufacturer lifestyle and the creative approach both equally in the digital and physical globe. 

NFTs emerged in parallel with the electronic evolution and have lately been employed by many artists worldwide to existing their operates. It signifies the existence of artworks in the digital universe when also creating a distinctive, first signature for the proprietor.

“A collaboration in a actual physical and digital universe”

The restricted-edition t-shirt design and style represents the bodily universe of the task, and the solitary-edition NFT type of the artwork signifies the electronic ecosystem.

The first collaboration of this task is “Wired All over again,” well prepared by Oscar Llorens. The well-known artist reinterpreted the Wired illustration he built for KAFT for the Hybrid Minds project.

KAFT Culture

KAFT is a design manufacturer started on two values: creative imagination and treatment. It appeals to people in pursuit of splendor: to artwork-fans who really don’t form their tastes by well known tradition. A system entire of art and special ideas primarily based on underground society, and complete of artwork functions and initiatives for all disciplines.

To look at all the designers participating in KAFT, go right here. 



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