Performing and touring in Europe – steering for visual arts, the artwork marketplace and museums

This checklist is created for museum pros, artists (or people associated in investing or exhibiting art) looking to work, travel involving art fairs or tour in an EU place, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein..

1. Essential checks

If you are travelling to an EU region, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you need to:

  • Ensure your passport complies with the passport principles

  • Be certain you have correct health care and travel insurance policy cover

  • Carry your Uk driving licence with you (if you are intending to travel)

If you are a museum professional, artist or exhibitor hunting to work, vacation involving art fairs or tour in an EU state, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you need to have to take into account the excess requirements for travelling on business.

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2. Visa/get the job done permits

As a museum qualified, artist or exhibitor, you should check domestic immigration procedures for every single European country you are intending to function or tour in. While some countries enable for these things to do without a visa or a do the job allow, many others will demand a person or both, or other documentation.

Some EU Member States use the phrases ‘visa’ and ‘work permit’ interchangeably, in some cases with distinct meanings. It is significant that you check out the personal regulations for the Member States you are travelling to. This may perhaps range depending on the duration of your keep and the type of exercise.

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3. Transporting functions of art, cultural objects, or other objects for exhibition

Briefly having is effective of art, cultural objects, or other objects for exhibition to the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein

If you are using your will work of art, cultural objects, or other objects for exhibition briefly out of the Uk to exhibit in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you will need to have to think about the customs specifications for each individual country you are browsing.

If the operates of art or objects are in your baggage or a vehicle (accompanied), you may well be in a position to use non permanent admission to fork out no obligation on them by heading by the environmentally friendly or ‘nothing to declare’ channel. You can do this if the works of artwork or objects are for individual or business use.

If the objects are not accompanied, you’ll need to have to contemplate employing other temporary admissions processes. These consist of:

If you do not use an ATA Carnet, duplicate checklist, or other non permanent admission treatments, you may well have to declare your objects and pay duties on them each individual time you choose them as a result of customs.

If you are exporting objects of cultural interest more than a selected age and benefit threshold from the United kingdom, you will require to get hold of an export licence from Arts Council England.

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4. Transporting commercial goods together with merchandise

5. Haulage

If you are making use of a Uk-centered haulier to transport cultural objects, artworks or other goods to the EU, you will need to take into consideration the motion limitations on United kingdom-centered hauliers. After in the EU, United kingdom hauliers will be able to undertake up to two more movements (cross-trade or cabotage) in the EU, with a most of 1 cabotage motion inside a 7-day period of time. Cabotage will have to be inside the similar EU country where by you dropped off your merchandise introduced into the EU.

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6. Social Security and income tax

If you are only doing work or touring briefly in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, you may be ready to get a certificate or document from HMRC to carry on shelling out Countrywide Insurance plan contributions in the British isles. This implies you are going to not have to shell out social safety contributions abroad.

You may have to have to pay United kingdom Revenue tax on any overseas revenue you gain from doing work or touring in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

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