Polk County Public Schools hosting Fine Arts Festival this weekend in Winter Haven

Kathleen Middle Schools' Rayquan Morris' Untitled watercolor portrait.

WINTER HAVEN — The best of Polk County Public Schools’ student visual and performing arts will be on display this weekend in Winter Haven during the PCPS annual Fine Arts Festival.

The event will also play host to concerts at Chain of Lakes baseball stadium scheduled for Friday evening and throughout the day Saturday, along with a visual art show set for Central Park from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday. 

“We feel like the arts are such a vital part of a students’ education in normal time, but during a pandemic they are particularly important, so we are celebrating the arts this weekend,” said Beth Cummings, director of PCPS fine arts department. “It is just a celebration of the hard work our students put together and our teachers in the classroom. The arts are strong in Polk County. We’ve always had great support.” 

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Brigham Academy's Kendall Bell's work "You Are Llamazing."

Student artwork will be showcased in the elementary, middle and high school categories, with awards presented for first, second and third places at each level. 

“I’m so excited!” said Nancy Puri, PCPS senior coordinator for visual arts. “I’m thrilled that we are able to do this Fine Arts Festival in person with social distancing and safety measures in place so we can get out the great work that kids and teachers are doing.” 

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