Scarcity, Abundance and the Law of Attraction

How does scarcity and abundance affect the workings of the Law of Attraction? Am I working from a sense of lack if I am prudent with money? Am I being cautious or paranoid when I Google every prospective new partner I meet? Do I have a great work ethic if I work every spare minute to build up a really successful business or am I only doing it because I’m scared of being broke? When one analyzes the drivers behind a certain behavior, one can soon see if the moderator for the behavior is through scarcity or abundance. I’m not suggesting that success can’t be achieved from a place of scarcity – it can be a very powerful motivator, but it will affect the working of the Law of Attraction.

I very recently received a comment on my Law of Attraction blog from a reader who is doing everything she believes she can, yet not achieving the rewards or desires that she sent rockets out for. When a person starts exploring a law such as the Law of Attraction this is bound to happen. I went through it. I know others that have gone through it, and I feel certain most people go through it. Just like religion the Law of Attraction is based on blind faith. The crucial difference is that it goes against everything that we are socialized to believe. Deep inside most of us is an ingrained belief that it just CAN’T work. It can’t be THAT simple!

Most of western society is built on the model that we must work hard to achieve success – well, anything in fact. Why is that? Maybe because the system needs cheap labor. Whatever it is, there is a sense of fear built into western society and this creates the feeling of scarcity.

I recently allowed myself to go flat broke. Yes, overdrawn in all my accounts, late in payments – the lot. I had a couple of squeaky moments, but generally never allowed myself to worry about it. I kept saying, “Money’s easy to come by. There’s loads of money about. I’m good at this. It always comes good. I always have enough. Money is my friend, ” and so on. Guess what? Someone paid me back some money when they had previously told me there was absolutely no way they could (sure, I had to threaten them with court, but sometimes people need some encouragement) AND they actually gave me more than they owed me to cover my loss of time and for some work I did!

Now, I’m not totally reckless. I didn’t lose my house. I worked a few hours here and there (at a good rate of pay that I demanded) and sent out rockets of desire about the type of work and the returns I wanted in the future. I also sold some things that were cluttering my life up anyway. It took a few months (of not worrying or thinking about it – just visualizing the work and the returns) and I can now report that I have been offered a contract and have just submitted 2 quotes to people that approached me for 2 very lucrative contracts doing exactly what I sent rockets out to do. I have not marketed myself at all! I don’t know if I’ll get them – and in some ways I don’t care because I know things will work out fine. Stop Press! Another request for a quote has just come in.

I know that if I had been worried about money or desperate for these contracts, I wouldn’t have got them.

The oddest side of all this is that, even though I have no doubt in my ability to deliver the service I am quoting for, I have never done it before for others and have NO track record. I just believe I can, have studied pretty hard and tried it on my own projects. Consequently, others seem to believe I can do it as well.

As you can see it’s all about belief. I don’t suggest that you sit around with a grin on your face, visualizing this and that and wait for everything you want to drop in your lap. I do suggest you wholeheartedly believe you can have anything you want and prepare well for that eventuality.

One big reason the Law of Attraction doesn’t work is because when we feel we need something, we create a resistance that the universe feels and this holds us in a sort of limbo. A positive and negative charge acting with equal force. Scarcity means I am scared. You can probably feel the resistance just from the sound of the word.

To successfully apply the law we only need to ‘be’, believe that everything will be fine, and forget about all the things society has spent our lifetimes imposing on us. Do the things you want to because you want to, NOT because you can afford to. I can report it is possible – I have been doing it!

Living a life of abundance and using the Law of Attraction to bring the things you want into your life doesn’t mean being stupid or irresponsible. It does mean being totally confident that everything will work out fine. It does mean being joyful. It does mean appreciation of all success because that state will bring more success to you. It does mean understanding we live in an abundant world and life is meant to be good. It does mean visualizing. It does mean meditating and it does mean being aware when there is resistance.

We attract what we think about. Why not think about wonderful things for yourself, your family and everyone else – it takes the same effort as worry does. Believe that there is plenty for everyone and that you deserve to be happy, and the scarcity or abundance debate can simply become old news.

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