Some Useful Tips For Passing A NEBOSH International General Certificate Exam

NEBOSH is a widely recognised health and safety qualification. The International General Certificate is intended for rank and file employees, supervisors, and managers. This qualification is proof that an employee or an individual has the essential knowledge and skills to fulfill health and safety responsibilities in different industries and anywhere in the world.

In general, a NEBOSH certification provides career advancement, and not simply a knowledge and skills upgrade. This certificate empowers an employee to contribute to health and safety policies. Employees who have such a qualification are expected to be very good at their jobs. They will be able to maintain healthy and safe working environments. And this certainly benefits the image and track record of the company they work for.

Getting a NEBOSH certification, of course, depends greatly on you passing a NEBOSH exam. To make sure you pass your NEBOSH exam, below are some useful tips that can help you out:

Know the exam. Being informed about how the exam works and its components can help you prepare better for the actual test. The exam is divided into 3 units: the first two NGC1 and NGC2, are assessed by written exam. Each test lasts for two hours and consists of 10 short answer questions and 1 long answer question. To keep your eyes on the prize, keep in mind that the short answer questions are each worth 8 marks, and the long answer question is worth 20 marks. To make the most of the given time, give yourself 8-10 minutes to answer short answer questions and 20 minutes for the long answer ones. Don’t skip any question as well.

Keep in mind that the examiner is always looking for ways to give you points. The NEBOSH Certificate exam is positively marked, with points given for the correct application of knowledge. Points are not deducted for incorrect answers. As such, even if you have doubts about your answer, give it a go since you don’t have anything to lose. With the exam’s marking system, this means that it’s your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for the examiner to find places to award you marks. Therefore, make sure your writing is legible, organize your answers properly, and you place your answer for every question.

Make the most out of your NEBOSH International General Certificate training or refresher course. Lastly, whether you sign up for an online NEBOSH International General Certificate training program or a traditional one, make sure you learn and remember everything you can from the program. These courses are designed to make sure you acquire all the knowledge and information you need to answer the exam questions correctly and get the certification you are aiming for.

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