Styling the Fedora Hat to Look Sober and Classy – The Things to Consider

13+ Exquisite Outfit Ideas | How To Wear A Fedora Hat In 2022

Hats are making a comeback! One of the hats that deserves mention is the fedora hat, which is both stylish and functional. In fact, when you are out in the sun, it’s a great accessory to keep your head, face, eyes secured from the sun. That aside, it can also help you cover a bad hair day. If you want to add a finishing touch to your dress, you can also use the fedora hat. Hence, every woman needs to have a fedora hat as their collection. 

Understanding the fedora hat

Not every woman who wants to flaunt a stylish hat is aware of the fedora. Hence, it’s essential to know a bit about it. The fedora is a hat that comes in a tear-drop shape and has a short to medium-sized crown that can curve along the edge and then run all way around the overall crown. The fedoras come with a hatband around the crown bottom, usually made with leather and grosgrain ribbon based on the style. That aside, a fedora hat women is a timeless accessory. If you can wear it correctly, you can look stunning and stylish. 

Are you someone who loves to flaunt a classic look? If yes, then you can go ahead and get yourself a fedora hat. Today, several online hat stores are selling this hat in many varieties. 

How can you style a fedora hat?

Getting a fedora hat for yourself isn’t enough. You must also know how to style it. Wearing a hat with style is something that you need to with elan. And if you aren’t sure how to get there, you can take help from the guidelines discussed below: 

  1. It would help if you kept it very simple

If you are wearing the fedora hat for the first time, it makes sense that you keep it very simple. You can pair the hat with a T-shirt or even a dress. If you are planning to wear this hat during the summer months with a summer outfit, it’s an excellent choice. Here the fedora acts functionally by keeping the sun away from your shoulders and the face. It also enables you to have a look that is chic and classy. 

  1. You can add a scarf or a belt

Do you have a belt or a scarf that you can put to other use? If yes, you should wrap it around the fedora hat. It will provide you with a casual and modish look, which will add to your entire look. Make sure that you don’t add both together. Choose either a belt or a scarf. 

  1. Decide how do you want to wear your hair

You have two distinct choices when you have decided to flaunt a fedora. You might want to opt for a casual and relaxed look. For that, you can style your hair down and keep it very messy. It’s because the softness of your hair will complement the sharp angles of your hat and will make it a great pair. If you wish to project a sultry look, you can make your hair into a bun or a ponytail beneath the fedora hat. 

  1. It would help if you placed the hat well

If you want, you can wear the hat totally flat. Or, if you wish, you can also keep it slightly tipped back and ensure that you can highlight a bit of your hairline. 

The process of selecting a fedora

Once you are aware of the hat-wearing tips, you need to know how to wear the fedora. It would help if you got the correct hat that will complement the size and shape of your face. It’s because your face does determine the hat style and will complement your look. For example, a person with a square-shaped face will look better with a fedora hat with a round crown and a wide brim. Here you can opt-in for a wide-brim fedora. However, if you have an oval-shaped face, you need to opt for something boxier with a medium brim. 

Usually, the fedora hat complements the summer attires and is very versatile. You have the option to add any shade of dress you want. Additionally, you can also add the color and cut of your jeans as you wish. If you find it fit, you can wear sandals and a belt bag when you want to have a casual day in your pool. Do you want to flaunt a dressy attire? If yes, you can wear the fedora with a classic white dress. You can check your summer wardrobe, and you will have something that will complement the fedora hat. Additionally, you can also choose the material of the fedora if you want, such as the straw fedora. 

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