Trending Bride and Groom Wedding Poses of 2023


Wedding photography allows you to express your love and individuality while sharing your story with family, friends, and people you love. While most wedding photos get lost in your phone’s gallery, here are a few timeless wedding pose ideas that will stand out from the rest of the images in your gallery. From classic to cutting-edge, here is a list of the trending wedding photography pose ideas of 2023 as listed by the leading wedding photographers in Melbourne

The Dramatic Veil Shot 

Did you know capturing the dramatic veil shot highlights the grandeur of your wedding dress? To get this picture-perfect pose, have your photographer take a few steps back to capture the full length of the dress and veil. This pose also looks great if you are holding hands and walking together, giving off an air of love and romance. When done correctly, this timeless and elegant pose will be a favourite photo to look back on for years.

Golden Hour Silhouettes

Do you want to capture a truly romantic moment you’ll cherish forever? Then, you can’t go wrong with the classic golden hour silhouette. Taking photos of the bride and groom during sunset is an ideal way to get some stunning wedding photos that will last a lifetime. Using natural lighting during sunset, the photographers can create beautiful silhouettes of the couple as you share a special moment together. There are plenty of great spots for wedding photography in Brisbane, where you can take advantage of the gorgeous sunset views. 

The Ring Shot

The ring shot is a classic wedding photography pose that has been around for decades. This traditional pose captures the moment of commitment between two people. The ring shot can be taken in many ways, such as holding your hands up to show off the rings, the bride holding her hand out to show off her engagement ring, or the groom placing the ring on the bride’s finger. This timeless pose can add a romantic touch to any wedding photo album.

A Meaningful, Matching Tattoo Pose 

For those brides and grooms looking for something unique and meaningful, why not try a matching tattoo pose? Brisbane wedding photographers have seen more couples wanting to incorporate this pose into their wedding photos. Whether you want to get matching tattoos for the day or something more permanent, this can be a memorable moment in your wedding album. To make it extra special, you can even get creative and think of unique designs you will love. A meaningful matching tattoo pose is sure to add personality and fun to your wedding photos.

The Park Bench 

The park bench pose captures the connection between the couple and can be easily adapted to a range of settings. Use props such as flowers, balloons, or a picnic basket to add to the setting and create a romantic atmosphere. You could also use this pose in a more rustic setting by incorporating a wooden bench and natural elements such as trees and foliage. 

An Emotional Couple Pose 

Are you a couple who wants to truly express your love for one another? Nothing is quite as beautiful as an emotional couple pose. This shot helps convey the story of the bride and groom’s relationship. Whether sitting on a beach, by a waterfall, or even in your backyard, make sure to take advantage of the natural scenery and create an emotional atmosphere. Once you have the perfect location, get close and hold each other while looking into each other’s eyes. You can also share a tender kiss or just simply embrace each other. With careful direction and thoughtful posing, you can create a beautiful wedding photo that captures the emotion of the moment.

The Stylish Exit Pose

One of the most popular poses for wedding photography in Sydney is the stylish exit pose. This provides a beautiful and dramatic moment that can be captured on film. It usually involves the bride and groom running away from the camera while holding hands or walking away hand in hand towards a horizon or sunset. This is a romantic and unique way to capture the perfect moment as you start your journey as husband and wife. To add a bit of fun to this pose, you could also use props such as sparklers, colourful smoke bombs, confetti, or balloons. All these accessories will help to create an unforgettable photo that will be treasured forever.

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