5 Dos & 5 Don’ts of Maintaining Car Vinyl Stickers

5 Tips for Caring for your Vinyl Car Wrap in the Winter

Despite the seemingly unstoppable rise of digital advertising tools, traditional print advertising tools are going nowhere. Custom vehicle graphics and stickers, in particular, have exploded in popularity in the post-pandemic world.

The Rising Popularity of Vehicle Marketing

Low-cost, customizable car vinyl stickers allow brand leaders to transform their company vehicles into mobile billboards. Wherever you take your sticker-covered company vehicles, they will generate brand impressions.

  • Brand leaders can custom-print anything they want on these stickers – brand name, logos, marketing messages, offers, etc.
  • Several ridesharing companies earn millions by performing this form of on-car advertising. They cover their cars with stickers featuring marketing messages from other brands.
  • You can do the same with your company vehicles. Just create some personalized & branded vinyl stickers, attach them across your company cars, and advertise your brand in style.

One of the main pros of using these stickers as advertising tools is that they’re “one-time” purchases. A vinyl sticker can easily last for 3 years. If it’s cared for properly, it can last longer. The vinyl stickers on your company vehicles will face many threats.

Rain, air pollution, UV rays from the sun, heat, bird droppings, and general wear-and-tear are some of them. To prevent your car stickers from chipping, peeling, and experiencing other damages, you’ll have to take some specific actions.

Here are 5 important dos & don’ts of addressing these threats.


  1. Regular Washing: Regularly washing your water-resistant vinyl stickers with sponges and mild detergents won’t do them any harm. You must regularly rinse off debris all debris on the surfaces of your water-resistant vinyl stickers. Don’t let them sit, accumulate, and become permanent stains.
  2. Careful Drying: Once you’re done washing your vinyl stickers, dry them carefully with clean microfiber cloths. Not drying these stickers properly may lead to the formation of ugly water spots & stains.
  3. Apply Protective Coatings: Feel free to apply protective polishes on your vinyl stickers. These coatings will give your car stickers added layers of protection against air pollution, heat, etc.
  4. Indoor Parking: Vinyl stickers are UV-resistant. Long periods of exposure to sunlight won’t crack or fade these stickers. But, storing your sticker-covered cars indoors, under the shade is still an important practice. Why leave your branded stickers exposed to the elements when you can easily cover them up with cloth cars?
  5. Regular Updates: Vinyl stickers are cheap and reusable. Switch up your cars’ styles by removing old and attaching new custom stickers every few months.


  1. Passive Cleaning: Never let fuel spills, bird droppings, tree sap or other contaminants just sit on your stickers. Be an active cleaner. Remove them whenever you see them.
  2. Send the Vehicles to Car Washes: The strong brushes car wash companies use may tear/chip your custom stickers. Never send sticker-covered cars to these places.
  3. Pressure Washing: Never hold the nozzles of pressure washing tools too close to the vinyl stickers. The strong flow of water can quickly damage the graphic film.
  4. Use Abrasive Polishes: Never use abrasive, chemical-filled polishes or cleaning agents on your vinyl stickers.
  5. Avoid Regular Cleaning: Regular hand washing is the best way to extend the lifespans of your vehicle stickers. Never avoid this important duty.

Follow these 5-important dos & don’ts of vehicle sticker maintenance and extend the lifespans of your custom stickers!

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