7 Important Tips When Spring Cleaning

7 Spring Cleaning Tips Not to Forget | Intek Cleaning


In summer, nothing beats returning home to a house that is so tidy, fresh, and beautiful that it almost glows. 


While cleaning your home completely may be intimidating, not even to mention exhausting and time-consuming, it’s better to go room by room or item by item or piece to piece using spring cleaning suggestions from organizing and cleaning specialists.


Take this as your actual spring cleaning guide list: go through it item by item for a whole house makeover, or tackle your home’s dirtiest places when you have some spare time. While some items on this list are self-evident, like how to clean your mattress or microwave, there are still a few that are frequently overlooked, such as ceiling fans and doormats. However, if you want to make sure that nothing is missed when cleaning your house, but you don’t have the time needed to do that, you can always consider spring cleaning services offered by some cleaning companies. With them, you can be confident that everything will be cleaned well enough for a sparkling home.


But, before you begin the cleaning process, ensure that you have all of the best cleaning supplies on hand to vacuum dust and dirt shine surfaces, remove spills and stains, and more. If you can do this effectively and efficiently, the room will become more pleasant to live in and relax in, just in time for summer.


Clean the Doormats

Use two mats, one outside the entrance and one inside, to trap excess dirt that may come into your house. Wash off and air-dry outdoor mats to renew and refresh them. Vacuum indoors in all directions, but in some cases, going over the rear will drive confined dirt out onto the floor, making it simpler to pick up.


Clean the Windows and Dust the Blinds

Wait for a cloudy day to clean your windows, then begin on the shady side of your home. As a cleaning tip, lift the blinds or shades and wipe the window panes with glass cleaner, then finish with a microfiber cloth. After that, drop down the blinds and shades and clean them with a duster, then vacuum the fabric shades and curtains.


Clean the Microwave

Get rid of those nagging tomato stains once and for all. Start by filling a big microwave-safe bowl with a cup of water and a slice of lemon, orange, or lime, or many tablespoons of vinegar, and placing it inside the microwave. Turn the microwave on maximum for a long time, or until the liquid mixture boils, making the glass window moist. Then, turn off the heat and wait for a few minutes before opening the door. Take it out and use a sponge to clean the interior and exterior.


Deep Cleaning of the Fridge

In addition to washing out the internal shelf of your refrigerator regularly, you should also give the detachable bins and shelves a thorough cleaning every now and then. To avoid food contamination and to get rid of food spills, remove the door shelves and bins and wash them in warm, soapy water.


Clean the Ceiling Fixtures

Spring cleaning usually talks about the parts of your home that are often forgotten during the year. One of them is your ceiling equipment, like the ceiling fans and light fixtures. Using your power duster, attack the ceiling fans, the light fixtures, and other surfaces. It is always advisable to start cleaning these areas in your home from top to bottom, to avoid having to vacuum and scrub your floors twice.


Clean or Replace Aircon Filters

Summer is a hot and humid season! It would not be a good idea to clean at that time. The hot atmosphere only adds to your exhaustion. So it is better to clean when it is still the spring season. This is an excellent time to clean or replace HVAC and window air conditioner filters before you begin using them throughout the summer months. If your air conditioner filters are washable, it’s important to check with the manufacturer for the best way to clean them.


Wash the Beddings

It’s time to clean those heavy objects you’ve been avoiding: clean those cushions and wash those comforters! Because you only need to clean these things twice or thrice a year, they should be at the top of your spring cleaning list. However, before putting them into the washing machine, make sure to read the manufacturer’s label to guide you on how to clean the items properly.


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