All About Ocean Park #54 by Richard Diebenkorn


Title of Artwork: “Ocean Park #54”

All About Ocean Park #54 by Richard Diebenkorn

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn

Yr Created 1972

Summary of Ocean Park #54

When Diebenkorn established up store in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park neighbourhood, he could have been inspired by the vista from his studio window. Abstract Expressionism and Ocean Park equally depict aerial vistas, but the former are impetuous and intuitive, even though the afterwards are coldly drawn and rational.

All About Ocean Park #54

It truly is easy to see how Diebenkorn’s abstract vocabulary evolved all through the course of his career by comparing the two.

Not like his abstract expressionism of the 1950s, this portray displays a much much more geometric and prepared approach to his artwork.

This artwork also demonstrates his admiration for modernism’s tenets, notably for the do the job of Piet Mondrian.

In this occasion, Diebenkorn adhered to Mondrian’s grid basis even though working with lighter washes of mainly pastel colours.

As right before, he attracts inspiration from the natural earth, but this time it really is a brilliant and sunny southern California location.

Diebenkorn’s 140 Ocean Park paintings, like all those of the Impressionists, ended up motivated by the shifting climatic conditions that he observed.

This portray has an magnificence in its composition and colour plan that can only be realized by an seasoned painter.

Even nevertheless it truly is built out of clean, rectilinear planes that produce a sense of depth, the target here is on the painting’s creation procedure, which can be observed in the artist’s several scorings and reworkings of the area.

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