He Plays Banjo And He Pots! | Darren Jackson | Episode 847


Darren Jackson | Episode 847

Darren Jackson received a random postcard at his day work (K-6 normal new music) to show up at Arrowmont. When Darren’s 1st decision was entire, he finished up in hand building. Just after acquiring a wheel that tumble, Darren hasn’t looked again! When Darren is not in mud, he’s on his entrance porch, buying his banjo!


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Does having some of your college students on Instagram build issues for you in how you existing your self on social media?

I really don’t assume so. I believe it’s a good thing to know that you normally have an audience. I think with social media, and this is a significant rabbit hole we probably do not need to have to go down by way of, it’s effortless since we are not encounter to facial area so substantially of the time. On social media our inhibitions are down I guess and we can get in a comment war with folks we would not say on a Facebook submit with any individual.  So I feel it ‘s a superior detail to generally know that we have an audience and that they are real people today.

Why humor for kind of a person of the bedrocks for your feed?

I just like to have a superior time. I can be rather serious as well and I’ve recorded myself educating, we have to do that to go certification and what not, but when I check out again on the video clip I assumed, Guy, I sound like a jerk.  I assume I am obtaining a very good time and becoming hilarious, Male, no speculate those little ones loathe me. I like to chuckle and joke all over. If you can’t do that then what is the issue.

How was your changeover of selling on Etsy to offering on your website. Did you unfastened prospects?

No, I never imagine so. I continue to retain my Etsy up to date all through Black Friday and massive functions. I haven’t had a complete ton of on the internet income. One thing I’m contemplating about carrying out is asserting a store update. I know a whole lot of other potters do that. I feel when you guide up to it about a sequence of days people know it’s coming.

Do you uncover the reels are inclined to make much more traction than the quick videos?

I absolutely believe that Instagram is pushing the reels now and to buy into their algorithm  and do what they want you to do so to communicate, I believe that’s the detail. I have listened to if you do thirty reels in 30 times that that will really enable you acquire off.

What do you do when you are not in the studio and you are not actively playing the banjo?

Oh man, teaching children, but other than that…that’s about it. That really fills up my calendar. I just bought a 3D printer for Xmas so I have been applying that into my pottery. Other than that it is banjo, clay, and teaching kids.


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