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Singapore-based illustrator Susie Ang first found her passion for drawing when, as a child, she drew with crayons on the walls of her house. “I liked the vivid colors the textures and the bold, thick strokes I could do with my little fingers,” Ang recollects. Later on, when she’d graduated from university with a degree in architecture, she uncovered that her pastime of “doodling and coloring,” as she describes it, held extra importance for her than operating in architectural style and design. “I realized I could do a thing more meaningful by expressing my views and thoughts and the stories about me by way of artwork,” she suggests. “I experienced this intuition that I may go after this route, albeit [without] official education and learning in this subject.” Getting ongoing on this route, Ang now illustrates for editorials these as the Guardian and Firewords Journal, broaching subjects in the spheres of sociopolitical issues and fiction. Her design favors solid compositions combined with hazy textures akin to impressionist paintings and Mark Chagall, generally obscuring her topics in silhouette. “I want to permit my works speak for me,” Ang states of her artwork. “I feel that my functions usually mix a conceptual and intuitive method, conceptual [being] the constructive frame of mind influenced by my architectural track record and [intuitive being] driven by mood and emotion. And, as coloring with crayons was my first childhood really like, I appreciate checking out palettes and moods for tales.”

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