Latinx artwork today – CBS Information

In a bodega, a corner store in New York’s East Harlem, Lucia Hierro is re-exploring meals relics from her childhood, like the coconete (coconut pastries from the Dominican Republic), and the Takis (rolled tortilla chips from Mexico). It is really a shared encounter in numerous barrios — Latino neighborhoods — […]

10 Rock + Metal Music Videos That Couldn’t Be Made Today

In recent years, society has become increasingly outspoken about the past transgressions of people and brands. Naturally, a large part of that involves reevaluating and rebuking taboo imagery in entertainment. Among the primary culprits of such objectionable material are rock and metal music videos. Simply put, they’ve often depicted various […]

Today in the Culture, May 5, 2021: Thompson Center Officially For Sale | DePaul Art Museum, CSO & City Announce Reopening Dates

The Thompson Center interior/courtesy of JAHN, Photo: Rainer Viertlboeck ART DePaul Art Museum Opens To Visitors The DePaul Art Museum reopens to in-person viewing May 14. The exhibitions “LatinXAmerican” and “Claudia Peña Salinas: Quetzalli” will be on display through August 15 at the museum on DePaul University’s Lincoln Park Campus. […]