The Art of Writing: How to Write Essays Like a Pro

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The art of writing is vital when it comes to communicating your message to others.

Whether you are a writer working online for a living or a student who has tons of creative assignments scheduled to do, you need to have good writing skills to ensure that you present your work with clarity.


Wondering why and what is the art of writing called? Are you more comfortable placing “write my essay” requests with a professional company? In this article, we have jotted down some essential tips that sum up making the art of writing a thing. You can use these in order to improve your writing skills:

1. Read, read and repeat

The first thing that you must keep in mind is that you must be well-read to write the best one. Whatever information you come across, just read. You must be an active reader in order to write professionally.  


If you are not into reading, then try to make it a habit. Start with reading something regarding your interest; a few pages a day would do too. This way, you’ll gradually build a habit. Reading will help you leverage your vocabulary, induce and broaden your thinking ability, also will increase general knowledge, and much more benefits to reap.

2. Put your thoughts on the page

Many people, despite having the ability to think creatively, lack the zen in the art of writing. They fail to put their thoughts in words, leaving a bad impression on the reader. Those who find difficulty in expressing themselves must practice writing on a daily basis. Doing so will enable them to overcome the discomforting feeling, resulting in better implementation of words when it comes to creative writing. Furthermore, as a student, it will help you in structuring good answers for your exams.


Hence, it would be great if you start writing a diary in which you write whatever you have in mind daily or write about something you have an interest in. It will aid you in mastering the art of writing reasonable organic reaction mechanisms. On the other hand, just for the sake of practicing writing, you can take books and magazines and copy their pages in your notebook. 


3. Try using new words

As stated above, reading would help you learn new words and build a good vocabulary. Now is the time to use those new words learned in your writing, or even if you’re not writing anything normal at the moment, you can add the new words to your everyday practice. Doing so will make you more familiar with those words, enabling you to grip them firmly. Also, make sure you have a dictionary within your reach when you sit down to read so that whenever you come across a new word, search it in the dictionary to know its meaning. In fact, write the meaning of words in the book or make a separate list of words with their meaning. This way, you’ll be able to memorize it, which would result in better implementation of those words in your writing.

4. Researching is the key

Keep researching, and look for new things. Try to make the most of your spare time, too, pick a topic randomly and then research it online. Thanks to the internet, you will find a lot of writing, letters, and PDF. However, remember, it can be about anything, no matter even if it is trivial. Our motto is to feed our thoughts and add more information to our think tank, so any information would do. 

5. Stay updated

In order to write efficiently, you must keep yourself updated with whatever is happening in your surroundings because, being a writer, you may get to encounter different topics, and to make the deal, you must have knowledge. Even as a student, you do not have an idea of what you would get for the next assignment to write. Hence, it’s always good to be informed, so it is always better to be ready. It also saves time when you have to write the essay as you are aware of the topic in detail, and hence it does not take you long to form an essay.

6. Learn about the writing styles

Different topics demand different writing tones, forms and techniques, and forms. Whether you have to master the art of dramatic writing or is it the matter of essay writing, you need to follow the rules of writing that particular style requires, or else you might face disapproval. Hence, it is necessary for you to be familiar with the various forms that are used in different topics in order to write a compelling piece of work.


7. Proper formatting is vital

Divide the writing into smaller parts and paragraphs to make it look attractive and more appealing to read. In addition to that, use easy wordings to make sure that the reader comprehends it easily and does not struggle with it.


Split your writing into three parts which are the introduction, the body, and lastly, the conclusion. For the introductory part, you can talk briefly about the chosen topic, giving them an idea of what the essay is about. Next is the body, which must have all the relevant information about the topic. Finally, the last paragraph must be the conclusion, in when you sum up the whole essay, signing off.

8. Proofread

Reading your essay critically after you’ve finished writing it is crucial. Examine it as if some other writer wrote it, and it is your job to spot any errors. Look for grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors. Make sure the language being used is appropriate and doesn’t offend anyone’s feelings. Also, see if the sentence formation is done right as it can cause confusion for the readers.

9. Do not overdo

You have a tendency to follow the stream and learn too much about the subject while you are conducting research to gather material for your writing. Finally, there is so much material that it is difficult to decide what should be included and what should be omitted. Here, the art of “letting go” will come into play, which involves choosing which topics are included and which are excluded based on the significance of the research data acquired.

Summing up about the art of essay writing

Summing up the article here, hoping that the above-discussed suggestion might have added a little value to your think tank. We have jotted the tried and tested tips, so without giving them a second thought, consider them while you write for your next assignment. We assure you that the results will leave you in awe. Good Luck.


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