RICHMOND, Va. — A summer art residency program is giving students from Richmond Public Schools the chance to develop their skills and creative expression.

Eight sophomores and juniors from select Richmond schools are chosen for the intensive Edward Dean Robinson Artist Residency after submitting applications to be considered.

They’re paired up with a local artist, Chris Visions, who serves as a mentor as they create artwork and develop artistic practices to build a portfolio.

Throughout the program, the students will also learn about professional development, and explore healthy and sustainable ways to create art while prioritizing mental health and wellness.

Students chosen to participate in the program will receive a $1350 stipend, studio access, a materials stipend and a professional portfolio.

The program is named in memory of long-time ART 180 participant, Edward Dean Robinson who passed away in 2018.

Art 180 said the residency is inspired by Robinson’s talent, and aims to support young artists in their artistic creation and mental well-being.

“I’m like an artist cheerleader…always want to see people express themselves through art, but I think this is important for them, because it really gives them, one, a way to identify with someone who has really been successful,” said Atlas Director of Art 180 Maurice Lenoi-Osion.

This happens on Thursdays and Saturdays from June 24 through August 12 at ART 180’s Atlas gallery.

While applications for the 2021 program are already closed, you can check out their other summer events and stay posted on when the program opens up for 2022 applicants.