Arts Council Shares Final results of Pageant | Attributes

The Arts Council of Moore County announces the benefits of the 25th once-a-year Young People’s Wonderful Arts Festival awards.

Substantial College

The Judge’s Alternative award was specified to Evelyn Jimenez, of North Moore Superior Faculty, for her drawing “Mama Nez.”

1. Evelyn Jimenez, “Mama Nez,” North Moore Substantial College.

2. Noelle Gilliam, “Skull with a Bubble,” Sandhills Classical Christian University.

3. Claudia Liebergen, “Still Daily life,” Pinecrest Significant College.

Honorable Mentions: Tshering Blackwell, “Who Are You?,” The O’Neal University Zoe Wall, “Wordly Treasures,” Pinecrest Large University.

1. Abigail Fowler, “Casteel,” North Moore Large School.

2. Reagan Adams, “Picking Roses,” The O’Neal University.

3. Tiffany Patino, “Derby Day,” North Moore Substantial College.

Honorable Mentions: Reagan Adams, “A Pawn’s Determination,” The O’Neal College Mack Mason, “Kisa Gotami,” Union Pines Significant School.

1. Avery Ferree, “Train of Imagined,” Union Pines High Faculty.

2. Mack Mason, “Motivation,” Union Pines Large Faculty.

3. Tshering Blackwell, “Overwhelmed,” The O’Neal School.

Honorable Mentions: Caroline Acker, “Dans la Poitrine,” The O’Neal University Zoie Jones, “Fumes,” North Moore Significant College Abigail Rogers, “Mob Dog” and “Lady With Roses,” North Moore High School Avery Ferree, “Italian Painter,” Union Pines Significant College.

Pictures and Digital Artwork

1. Lydia Heinauer, “The Simple Fork,” Union Pines Significant University.

2. Emma Martindale, “Untitled,” North Moore Significant College.

3. Isabella Samkin, “Sand Dunes in Abu Dhabi,” Pinecrest Higher University.

Honorable Mentions: Elena von Hardenberg, “Cyber Tiger, Union Pines Substantial College Donihya Collins, “Self Portrait, Union Pines Significant University Isabella Samkin, “Dunes of China,” Pinecrest Substantial School.

1. Maycee Kimball, “ein Minute in der Natur’, North Moore High Faculty.

2. Avery Ferree, “Companion,” Union Pines Significant University.

1. Abigail Fowler, “Sapphire,” North Moore Substantial School.

2. Mikaila Waldo, “Minority Innocence,” The O’Neal Faculty.

3. Emily Parks, “House for a Mouse,” Pinecrest Large University.

Middle Faculty Awards

The Judge’s Choice Award for center college entries was presented to Ceci Thompson for the mixed medium “Principle Emphasis By Character.” She is a university student at Crain’s Creek Middle University.

1. Wyatt Monroe, “The Hunter’s Forest,” Sandhills Classical Christian College.

2. Cassidy Raszkowski, “Untitled,” New Century Middle Faculty.

3. Jyrel Blue, “Principle Movt as a result of Portrait,” Crain’s Creek Middle College.

Honorable Mentions: Arianne Monroe, “Zentange,” West Pine Middle College Cady Timms, “Zentange,” West Pine Center School Olivia Clark, “Apples to Apples,” Sandhills Classical Christian College.

1. Natalie Mason, “Element Shade through Peace,” Crain’s Creek Middle Faculty.

2. Ceci Thompson, “Principle Unity via Peace,” Crain’s Creek Center Faculty.

3. Ruby Rhyne, “Cookie Crisp,” West Pine Middle Faculty.

Honorable Mentions: Maddy Stein, “Principle Stability by Brand Style,” Crain’s Creek Middle College Sadie Enright, “Principle Wide variety through Peace,” Crain’s Creek Center Faculty Paige Greytak, “In the Gap,” The O’Neal College Peyton Chandler, “Word Art Portrait,” Southern Middle University Olivia Maurer, “Dia de los Muertos,” STARS Charter University Ella Corridor, “Medieval Sandwich,” STARS Constitution University.

1. Ceci Thompson, “Principle Emphasis through Nature,” Crain’s Creek Middle Faculty.

2. Katelyn Garner, “Principle Pattern by way of Nature,” Crain’s Creek Center College.

3. Chloe Isenhart, “Untitled,” New Century Center College.

Honorable Mentions: Christina Acker, “Turn on a Mild Remember to,” The O’Neal Faculty Natalie Mason, “Principle Variety through Picasso,” Crain’s Creek Center University.

1. Alyssa Mabe, “Untitled,” New Century Center University.

2. Carolyn O’Connell, “Untitled,” New Century Center College.

3. C.J. Dunn, “Van Gogh Berry,” Homeschool

Honorable Mentions: Harper Senff, “Untitled,” New Century Center Faculty Khalil McCrimmon, “Ocean Sunset,” Highfalls Elementary College Gracie Whitley, “Mountains at Night,” Highfalls Elementary University Caroline Smith, “Untitled,” Westmoore Elementary Abigail Dimattia, “The Tree,” Religion Academy Makayla Harper, “Colorwheel,” Elise Middle University Gavin Freeman, “The Sky is the Restrict,” The O’Neal University.

1. Kenyen Noah, “ Pop Artwork Kermit,” Westmoore Elementary School.

Photography and Electronic Art

1. Kaitlyn Ritchie, “Digital Mosaic,” Westmoore Elementary University.

2. Jocelyn Martindale, “Toucan,” Highfalls Elementary University.

3. Joel Fesperman, “Burger and Fries,” Westmoore Elementary Faculty.

Honorable Mentions: Ella Hussey, “Silhouette,” Elise Center Faculty David Scott, “Mosaic,” Elise Middle School.

1. Odislame Guerrero Gonzalez, “Alebrije,” Highfalls Elementary School.

2. Carley Hussey, “Untitled,” Westmoore Elementary College.

3. Henley Brewer, “Lizard,” Highfalls Elementary University.

Elementary College Awards

Honorable Mentions have been provided to Ophelia Fraker and Nathan Lyle, Pinehurst Elementary Irving Vasquez Hernandez and Piper Stubbs, Carthage Elementary Rylan Bowen and Elena Gonzalez, Vass-Lakeview Elementary Zoe Larson, Isla Hamm and Callie Garrison, Episcopal Working day College

De’Von Frederick, Razan Ahmed and Addyson Hennessy, Aberdeen Elementary Santiago Lynch and Juliette Hunt, STARS Tatum Powers and Audriana Wiest, Cameron Elementary Kate Parsons, Andy Murphy and Brooklyn Morgan, Highfalls Elementary Collins Walker and Isabel Zajkowski, The O’Neal University Luke Hunter and Caroline Infantolino, Sandhills Farm-Life Elementary Caroline Puga and Otto Guenther, Southern Pines Elementary Cooper Capps and Katelyn Ledergerber, McDeeds Creek Elementary Paige Welling and Andres Ventura, West Finish Elementary Diane Apolinar, Grace Powell and the complete fifth grade, Academy of Moore Heidi Harvell, Madalynn Allred and Miley Hussey, Westmoore Elementary Lillian Garner and Nicole Pulido Rodriguez, Robbins Elementary.

Faculty Awards

4. Vass-Lakeview Elementary

1. Crain’s Creek Middle

Runner-Up: Highfalls Elementary

1. Union Pines Significant Faculty

Runner-up: North Moore Superior Faculty

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