Explore Different Types of Popular Window Sun Shades for Ultimate Sun Protection & Shade

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Shades and curtains are conventional ways of blocking the sunlight. Moreover, window shades have greater light control. They have the power to block undesired light from entering a specific space. Window solar shades come in various designs and maybe tilted to effectively control the amount of sunlight streaking into the room. Window shades or blinds have tremendous aesthetic appeal, but they are more popular because of their functionality. 

The chief purpose of a solar shade is to effectively control block or control the sunlight from coming into a particular space. Effective light control is essential because the sun’s UV rays may end up damaging your skin in just 15 minutes or so. According to Mayo Clinic, Prolonged exposure to the sun and damage could culminate in various types of skin cancer. However, many such forms of skin cancer are preventable. Remember that window sun shades have been successfully providing sun protection for countless properties for centuries.

Cellular Window Shades

Cellular window shades are regarded as the workhorse of all window shades because they have no match in terms of function and quality. A top characteristic of cellular window shades is the kind of insulation they provide. Cellular window shades are characterized by intricate honeycomb cell fabric for trapping air and blocking the sun at the window. They help safeguard the interiors from the hot summer sun and cold winter winds. You may opt for either the top-down or bottom-up feature. It lets you lower the shade to your window sill or lift it right up to the top. 

A positive attribute of cellular shades is effective light control. You may choose outside-mounted blackout window cellular shades capable of providing total darkness just right for kids’ bedrooms or media rooms. Double cell window shades are perfect for insulating and blackout shades. Single-cell window shades are best for keeping the sun out and providing plenty of privacy. You may order a custom sun shade as per your specific or unique requirements and preference.

Roman Window Shades

Roman shades are best for adding a custom-tailored look and aesthetic appeal to your space. They are a wonderful balance of light-filtering attributes and style. Roman window shades are usually made of heavy fabrics, and they feel different to touch. When Roman window sunshades are pulled down, they will hang down flat. When pulled up, Roman shades form fascinating horizontal pleats. You may choose light-filtering or sheer fabrics. A room darkening liner or a thicker fabric is extremely effective in blocking out the outside sunlight.

Roller Window Sun Shades

Roller window sun shades are made of light-filtering fabrics. They are exceptionally easy to use. Roller shades may be seamlessly rolled up. They provide the choice of letting some natural sunlight streak into their properties or homes. Some sophisticated versions boast of a cutting-edge remote control device. You can simply push buttons to roll it up or roll it down from where you are sitting.


The best way of enjoying the sun is by regulating the amount of sun exposure as per your need and desire. Window sun shades are the best for the purpose. Go for them. Most residential and commercial properties today are opting for window sunshades. 

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