Good Films Can Lead to Positive Change in People’s Lives

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People often love watching and discussing movies. Cinematography is simply like music or pursuits, a vital part of their lives. Watching a film can either enhance your life, eradicate it, or have an unbiased or zero impact. In today’s world of OTT Platforms, a few of the most popular genres of cinema/ films are Anime, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, and Action. 

Each genre of the movie can positively and negatively impact individuals. However, there is no versatile opinion about whether consuming movie content has more pros or cons. While some studies reveal that violent films make people aggressive and risky, other surveys highlight the benefits of offering some specific films to learners.

Many filmmakers understand the value of being in the position to teach many people across the globe by just simply making one movie that would hold power to bring a positive change in society leading to the betterment of humanity. One such filmmaker is Taiwo Oduala. He is a great and legendary filmmaker – Director, producer, Actor, model, and entertainment executive with a reputation and a Kind-hearted God-fearing man.

An exceptionally prolific Film Director, Taiwo Oduala is a various Award winner and alumni of Colorado film school. Taiwo has 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry and has been Directing for over 25 years.

According to Taiwo, below are some instances of how movies can be beneficial to watch:

1] Violence Lowering:

Theater is currently the most well-known cinema subgenre. Movies depicting rumors, scheming, violence, romance, bullying, etc., are popular among young people. Kids start to emulate many characters’ actions and attitudes since they serve as role models. Movies help children to see the difference between good and evil. Many films can also help to make the right decisions and think independently.

2] Educational Significance

Students who miss the academy or drop classes can see the effects of such actions in many current educational movies. Most of the miserable or unemployed individuals in movies do not have a good experience in schooling. Teenagers appear to pay more attention to what they say on TV than their parents, relatives, or friends. The work of filmmakers can significantly influence young people’s thoughts. Moreover, by watching movies highlighting education’s importance, teens realize the actual value of education.

3] Critical Thinking

Many movies teach essential truths about life. For instance, science fiction films may also offend young audiences. When you can visualize something, it is simpler to comprehend how it operates. Visualization helps students remember information more effectively. That is why if you are having trouble understanding some science subject, you can choose a film that explains this problem implicitly or explicitly.

Summary of The Plus Impacts:

Films are a fantastic source of joy. They add some zest to life and are great antidepressants: if you pick an incredible film to watch when you are in a bad mood, it can make your day!

Films and the internet are getting people concurrently. A film is always an excellent chance to meet new people and intensify connections with old friends. Professionals have shown that those who mourn from social anxieties and find it questioning to find a shared language with others can overcome these barriers by watching films.

Films encourage us to take action. Our favorite personalities, superheroes, lead us through life lessons. They give us ideas and motivation to do everything for the better rather than just sitting around, waiting for things to go their way. Movies about famous characters are the perfect way to influence social manners positively.

Films are a source of knowledge. They can help learn what is in the trend, learn more about ancient times, or fill out some knowledge gaps.

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