The photos from Alex Stoddard’s exhibition at Fahey/Klein Gallery, INSEX, explore the parallels concerning metamorphosis in the normal entire world and human coming-of-age. As a result of staged, hugely stylized visuals, Stoddard invites viewers into a colorfully dark globe of budding sexuality and crawling bugs. This series of formerly unreleased illustrations or photos paint a surreal photograph of adolescence in a superb frenzy of buzzing hormones and sprouting wings. The works on exhibit had been made about a span of 5 years in locations about the globe. Just about every built scene attributes a youthful topic, often Stoddard himself, in a point out of improve or paired with a many-legged counterpart.

Alex Stoddard was raised in rural Georgia. Influenced by his environment and rural isolation, he began getting self-portraits as a teen. Images turned a usually means of escape, enabling him to build elaborate scenes and action into the position of distinctive figures via costumes and posing. Stoddard’s function is really affected by art background in the electronic age. He explores concepts of fantasy and surrealism in portraiture, as properly as the human type and its link to mother nature. He is solely self-taught and relies on his eye and all-natural instinct when building. His method of graphic-building is characterized by very simple compositions that frame additional meaningful, common themes.


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