Local church launches ‘Art in Verse’ series for Lent

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – Saint Andrew Lutheran Church in Wausau will host an “Art in Verse” series throughout the season of Lent, highlighting regional artwork.

Communications Coordinator Michelle Tlusty suggests this is an prospect for local community members to specific which scriptures resonate with their artwork.

“I know I experience closest to God in my religion when I’m accomplishing and when I’m singing,” Tlusty reported. “And so, I comprehend that art can be a pretty religious expertise for individuals.”

The collection will spotlight all artwork on the church’s Fb web site and in the church.

“Anything from visible art, so like portray, drawing, to photography,” Tlusty mentioned. “I prepare on showcasing a person who does woodworking. So, seriously something that men and women have been carrying out in their no cost time that has definitely built them experience linked to their faith in any sort of way.”

Art in Verse will also feature hundreds of hand-designed paper cranes, gathered from community members in the course of the year of Lent.

“We are at this time doing the job on a paper crane task to go together in our Lenten period,” she stated. “That actually be shown in our sanctuary. It is heading to be a large screen of paper cranes in our sanctuary that persons from our group have contributed to.”

Church member and artist Pam Clark states having her artwork be apart of this series delivers a sense of unity back again to the congregation.

“For about a 12 months, I was carrying out paint pouring at church each week,” Clark said. “That is 1 way our fellowship committee got together. Once a month, we have various initiatives that we do, so this is a excellent way for us to join once more.”

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